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  1. I think you will not face problem after comeback to your account....If you want to take break from this platform for 1 month you will not received your payment but your account will be maintained don't worry about taking break from this platform.
  2. Well come.... According to my calculations we can get maximum 250 talk tokens for a single day.. Because we can get 1 talk token for each reactions and 10 talk tokens for each useful combined we can get maximum 250 talk tokens in a single day. I think 2.5 $ in a single day you can earn.
  3. I think we can increase the price of talk token If we stock these tokens for long time to get maximum benefit.But It's price depends on the market demand and supplies.If we use talk tokens in very large number then the price of these tokens can be increased . Thank you so much for your precious time 💗
  4. I want to ask that If we reply to the questions of banned account then our post will be counted? Can our post will be considered useless or useful.... please guide me on this topic.. thanks in advance.
  5. You are right...we should create useful post by reading the instructions and rules of this platform.We should have great knowledge about cryptocurrencies and I bitcoins.. And we can easily get maximum knowledge by just reading the post of our seniors.We should select proper section for which we have a knowledge.So that we can safe from deleting the post.
  6. Of course yobit is very secure wallet for investment and trading.. Because it has 2fa verification code which required our email for verification.There iis no any chance to stole our money.So I think yobit is good wallet for exchanging currencies.
  7. Thank you so much for your information. I am agree with you about this point of view. Of course we cannot get success in every field without risk. If we have a knowledge and experience about reading. Firstly we have to take risk for our success. So risk, patients , consistently, experience and knowledge important things for our success..
  8. Thank you so much for your kind information. Yes I am agree with you.of course we should create effective and informative post. You should create post of at least hundred useful characters with useful meanings. We should create useful topics and participates in creating post not in replying. Because we are the part of this platform so we should improve this bye creating quality post.. and we should avoid to create low quality content and post. Thank you so much.
  9. Of course we should follow the rules and regulations conducted the Crypto talk so that we can stay here for a long time. Because in every field rules are important.. so we should follow the rules firstly. So we give respect to the rules at the forum. Otherwise we can be ban.
  10. When I was new here in first week I got experience and maximum information about cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. Because our payment starts after week. So in our first week we can get maximum experience and knowledge about creating good and effective post. I got these things in my first week. Thank you so much for your good question.
  11. First of all welcome in this forum. Of course you can get followers by your good knowledge and information. If you have experience to write good post and create good comment then you can get maximum reputations and following. First you should increase your knowledge to create a good post. Then your followers will be increase automatic.
  12. Thank you so much for your kind information. This is really a good post. Of course we can buy currencies by different platforms now a days such as blockchin, yobit,Payeer, and PayPal etc...I often use yobit for exchanging currencies with my national currency.Thanks for your help.
  13. We can't get maximum profit from this platform by investing our money, there are maximum chance to loose money.We should avoid to invest more money for profit.Therefore we are afraid about losing our money..So we should be careful for losing money.
  14. According to my point of view we can help our friends to create good and effective post....If we have knowledge then we should deliver to the friends so that they can get maximum benefit from our knowledge.I create my post by thinking good ideas and suggestions to improve this platform....We should make good effort to improve this platform. Thanks for your kind words ❤️.
  15. You are right....Same to you brother....I am here for getting pocket money and for sack of knowledge and experience.We can't becomes rich with its low money but we can fulfill our daily requirements from this platform.
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