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  1. There are many wallets that people occasionally choose that others offer but without knowing whether it is the right one or the most secure one gives a lot of that information and the main thing we should keep in mind about wallet selectionIt is important to know the security system and the security of the wallets we use to choose the wallet that is most suitable for us
  2. Earnings points You can do more with just referrals and it's hard and I suspect there are a lot of apps that pay a lot of money, based solely on referrals and the apps you're talking about are quite profitable Not because I think they pay trash dollars.
  3. I would choose a better way to make money like manual labor but the profit from it is very little and there are advertisers who do not pay and for me I think it is a waste of time because the amount paid is a waste of time for me Very few next to nothing
  4. Most of the time I use the trust wallet because this wallet is a safe and secure wallet.Its transaction fees are very low and it is one of the best wallets for securing cryptocurrencies. I and I have used some wallets. Cryptocurrencies have many different wallets and are easy to use.
  5. Depending on your different currency or wallet: Coins like Tricks, Days, XRP, etc. should be used whose market will be good up front and there are already several wallets that allow you to modify transaction fees and currently wallet The minimum cost to transfer between depends on your different currency or wallet
  6. In the future I will try to use Cryptorium Wallet and it is an online bank that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies, earn interest on cryptocurrencies and I only use the most well-known applications like Trust Wallet
  7. You can connect the wallet to your iOS or Android and I also like Roundup Bitcoin, the best bitcoin wallet like Kinomi Wallet and I use the mobile version of the blockchain wallet safely and securely. I want a safe and secure perfect wallet I hope everyone else wants it.
  8. My friends use Metamask and Mithra Wallet and the hardware wallet has protection for your tokens and I know that the Laser Nano S and Treasure T are the safest hardware wallets to use.
  9. It can also be a good trade and we put talk tokens after the talk business but it will directly affect the price of the talk and a third date has been given for the talk token trade and seriously I don't think anyone will keep it
  10. We are earning a lot here which is very necessary to support our family and to support us and is a useful forum for presenting analysis, exchange of experiences and knowledge and we are learning different knowledge in different fields and The other thing is we’re also making a lot of money here
  11. I would be very proud to be a famous and useful member of CryptoTalk and the posts that have recent answers usually appear above and encourage us to write useful and interesting posts to get a place in the top list in the forum To post
  12. The value of this forum is to prevent this kind of activity from happening in this forum and to report the people who are doing it and there are many scammers around them with your great advice and experience Be aware of scammers and we are not here to raise funds which we have gained community reputation and it is a great contribution and thank you to all the members of this forum for a valuable advice
  13. Forum administrators delete any posts that are reported as spam and clean the forum every day and when a repetitive topic becomes a useless topic of the post we report this topic. The forum administration deletes this topic and I think this The report function has not been added before, and I hope that the founding team of the Cryptotalk forum added this feature to the forum
  14. You can easily make some money for your good and useful posts and I found the Cryptotalk forum which is good for profit and I knew about cryptocurrency when BTC dollar was low but I could not buy it because I had less idea about it.
  15. BTC is the most popular currency. Everyone likes BTC LTC, ETH when working on cryptocurrencies and make good money by investing a lot XRP, Altcoin These currencies are likely to have an impact on the market in the future.
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