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  1. This is not a bad thing at all and I still don't know much about using double payment stops.Whether it's closed or not, many features were added to Cryptotal in a new way and among many features double payment is the final but now I don't know about it
  2. I personally think that this forum should have a limited number of paid memberships and keep in mind that we can basically communicate here and learn from each other and we are not listening to compete with each other for the quality of our different postsTo be brought
  3. Searching for knowledge is an important topic that can be beneficial to you and a negative reputation comes when the posted topics violate the rules or the content is not effective and our forum is one of the most important platforms There are people who have unreasonably negative reputations that keep new people away from here.
  4. I never feel like losing some money with cryptocurrency and I adhere to the topics given to seniors in the forums and learn a lot about business, investing, low buying and high tech indicators and market movements and I still have no losses Not face to face but I think it will definitely stay the same.
  5. Your inbox is an investment that means you don't have to invest your money to say scammer and you always have to be careful to convince new users to steal money and give a good plan for the investment They have to learn from their work by investing.
  6. The bottom line is that the rating of a good post doesn't depend on time, it depends on good work and it is done throughout the day for members to review, but I think you can create your post when you have a lot of time to post on this forum. And I don't have time to work in forums, I work when I have time.
  7. We should be careful when entering telegram groups because we have scammers waiting to steal our hard earned cryptocurrency and you are right that they are many scammers in the telegram and I agree with what you said about you And Telegram is full of scammers and I think Nawabi must be careful otherwise they may lose a good amount of money but there are also people who do good work in Telegram
  8. I can earn a good living by working here and time management is the key to being a successful person in this forum. The more time you spend here, the more chances you have of success and you will spend a lot of time in this forum and 20 comments here Put it on.
  9. I never understood which project would be worth it but the project team and the funds have to be searched, they have to read the project white paper and then find out what they are sharing and get to the experts and people including seniority in the market You can learn from
  10. Gradually we will get better at writing and with this experience we can do other writing related work and currently the most important way in this world is English and after working in this forum my writing skills and language improved a lotThere have been many.My writing skills were low but now I can write faster than before and the forum is helping us in many ways
  11. You are welcome to this great forum and I am new here. Many of my friends are working on this platform and they are telling me to work from this platform and tell me to read the rules here and work accordingly and you are 20 You can post or comment in exchange. Here you will earn bitcoin and talk currency
  12. I don't know of any other payment sites other than these forums and if they offer cryptocurrencies the best thing you can do to make sure is to contact them directly and ask them out and if the site is a scam you can move on and Warn others.
  13. The more we know about market movements, the better the percentage of forecasts and the more predictions about the price of Bitcoin and to know this requires great knowledge of market movements and digital currencies and the ability to read market indicators and data wellAnd you can Google it and get it, but having knowledge about this is above all.
  14. Cryptocurrency has not yet been adopted around the world and buying and selling cryptocurrencies is often considered illegal and many people do not know about cryptocurrency but it has a better future ahead if it is safer and more secure than it is now.
  15. In my view both currencies are good and both have their own uses and each currency has its own place and stability in each country and there is nothing to separate the values. Both currencies seem equal to me.
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