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  1. The wallets I mentioned can be used to buy bitcoin but most exchanges support Visa and MasterCards which can be used to purchase bitcoin, that is why exchanges are more commonly used to purchase cryptocurrencies.
  2. @duygumtr You are not wrong, but it can be a time before or after but it will be around that period. But almost 98% of bitcoin would have been mined before 2050. While the price increase will make mining still more profitable.
  3. Exactly the case, there are many people that will think passphrase are just password and because they have recovered their wallet before with no passphrase generated wallet thinking they can bypass passphrase like password during recovery, but that is not exactly the case.
  4. Binance is not a wallet when yobit also is not a wallet, they are both exchanges, exchanges are not the same as wallets while it is not advisable to hold on exchanges but only to trade.
  5. I agree with you but the fact remain that stable coins is a misleading information because there is no existing stable coins, the coins are just pegged with fiat just like you also commented. They should be refered as pegged coins so we can understand their real meaning.
  6. The reason why some people do not have hardware and mine is because their countries is not good for crypto mining, but in this case, the best they can do is to no mine but some will rather resort to cloud mining and lose.
  7. You are right, exactly what I am talking about. The mining difficulty is truly increasing, the mining reward is truly decreasing but the price of bitcoin or other crypto that are increasing makes it still profitable to do as a business.
  8. ASIC is a mining equipment, they are the most powerful hashes generating hardware so far on earth but there are still some people that are making use of GPU to mine bitcoin and to mine generally and still profitable but ASIC are.far powerful than GPU in mining.
  9. Some people are still using faucet to earn crypto and especially bitcoin, that is why the faucet sites are still existing. If someone can use faucet all through the day and earn only 200 satoshi which amount stop 0.0000002 bitcoin, then the person can make use of faucet but waste of time for most people.
  10. I will like to ask you this question. Have you used cloud mining before? If you have used it before, which one did you use? And how much are you getting from it daily, weekly and monthly. I hope you are wrong because cloud mining is a waste of time if you do not pay or it is scam if you pay.
  11. @Santo91 browser mining are fake, they are fake because most people that are using it end up complaining that they are scammed while many other complain that they are generating no money from it. If they can be like this,how original are they.
  12. Some users like to visit pirates sites with pirated copies they are downloading from the site, also some uses torrents that contain only pirated copies which comes with malware, some visit malware sites. These are common way people got their devices infected.
  13. Mining sites are not good, look for cheap electricity, buy mining equipments and join mining pool is the best. Mining is still profitable as the price of cryptocurrencies are increasing. Computers are my more used for mining, GPU and ASIC are used now.
  14. Where did you hear that from, or just a wrong guess, this is not a guess forum, if you don't know something, then do not comment about it. Why are miners busy mining and more miners joining if mining is not profitable.
  15. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and he created a wallet at the time called bitcoin core, it is the oldest wallet of all wallets. Electrum was created in 2012 which is still older than coinomi.
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