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  1. the free coins are certainly always welcome and sought by the community, certainly if the kyc is requested it would be a penalizing situation
  2. yes .. I also thank yobit for this initiative that has no equal, it is always good to be able to make up something in small quantities
  3. ROBY

    Binance vs Yobit

    Binance is surely a better known exchange but I think yobit has all the credentials to make itself known more and more I agree with you, binance is an exchange too big to be able to make a comparison but I think yobit can have its say and spread more and more Yobit right now I think it can't compete with Binance, but it's on the right track, it's still a very good exchange
  4. Penso che sia un forum molto interessante. è molto interessante anche la collaborazione con te e l'idea di padare per i post pubblicati
  5. Excellent initiative to pay for each post published, finally a forum that rewards you for the participation you can provide
  6. ROBY

    Yobit review

    I honestly feel good with the exchange Yobit, I don't use it much but I have to say that I never had any problems, the transfer of currencies is also quite fast
  7. I have never used Ozinex Exchange but you have to pay close attention to online platforms, in which you send your documents. I would like to investigate this further.
  8. Coinbase is the best exchange to invest fiat money, in my opinion, to trade I am very happy with Binance
  9. I prefer bitcoin, I like volatility of bitcoin because if you can exploit it well, there is a lot of profit
  10. I believe that for a start there is not a minimum amount, if you manage to increase your initial investment, it means that you are ready for the next step I agree in what you say, little is invested in order to become more experienced with time, then it increases with time
  11. I believe that the most important cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum must now push to increase its spread
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