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  1. I would recommend investing in USDT if you are tired of banks and the poor rates they offer per year, also protect your money from inflation.
  2. You have already tried to contact Yobit support?, they have supported me in previous days with my account, they are very kind and agile when solving a problem.
  3. I fully recommend the BRAVE browser, I not only like its excellent interface but all the functions and as rewards the BAT as a payment currency, it is the best option that I have found in several months.
  4. Who created Tether? The origins of Tether date back to the early 2010s, when technologists first began to theorize that Bitcoins might be modified so they could represent new kinds of assets.
  5. It is an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Brave that offers a wallet in Ethereum and its test networks and also injects the web3 library on each page allowing each DApp application to integrate Metamask so that the user can use the application in an easy and intuitive, otherwise the user should send the transaction placing information in hexadecimal making the whole process more difficult.
  6. Sales through cryptocurrencies are very profitable, I have an acquaintance who changed his lifestyle by moving to Korea. It depends a lot on the country where you plan to do business.
  7. Trading is not for everyone, I have been trying to be profitable for months but I still have emotional control problems when closing good purchases.
  8. lalo0

    Translation jobs

    I join the proposal, this forum is limited to only 2 languages and from my point of view it needs to address more to make this community grow.
  9. I do not recommend this type of pages, they pay very little and also many turn out to be Scam. You would lose hours of work if you find any of these.
  10. And not only that, the agility in the waiting times in the payments, not to mention that no matter where you live you can always count on equivalent payment in any crypto
  11. I have planned to start mining these days, I already have the necessary investment to acquire my first mining rig
  12. I consider that a business based entirely with a virtual currency is a very high risk, it also depends a lot on the type of country in which you are
  13. I have not heard about this error, maybe it is because you are not investing the minimum allowed
  14. Each coin has a different security level, it all depends on how you use it in the future and the way you manage your credentials
  15. As long as you stay among on the top 30 cryptocurrency will you increase the probability of being profitable.
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