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  1. I agree with you, my friend, and I believe that all members should work to increase the number of new topics by writing two or more topics every day in order to increase interaction and new topics in this forum.
  2. The Yobit platform is much better because of the many methods of making money through it and I think that the free tokens are very wonderful, as they are offered to you in exchange for some simple tasks and their price may rise in the future and earn a lot through them.
  3. My friend, there are a lot of topics that are closed by officials and I think that because of the large number of answers to them, so they become available for reading only, so do not be afraid, it is very normal.
  4. I think that the price of cryptocurrencies is mainly related to the size of supply and demand for these currencies, so they are manipulated by increasing the supply or demand at some point.
  5. Yes, my friend, but I think that depends on the degree of your interest in cryptocurrencies, so it is possible to gain more experience and be able to work in the field of cryptocurrencies and make them as your main business.
  6. I think that cryptocurrencies can help poor countries to strengthen their economy by investing in these currencies. They also provide an opportunity for people to work from their homes and make money, and this may solve the problem of unemployment in many countries.
  7. I think that learning the blockchain technology, programming and development method is a very useful thing, and you may find a lot of people interested in it, so they may pay high fees for these courses.
  8. I think that the USDT currency is very successful and it is necessary for all investors to be able to freeze their money when needed. It is a fixed currency and its price does not fluctuate, so it may outperform Ethereum in the future.
  9. I do not think that it is good to invest or trade in stable currencies, as it does not bring you good profits. Therefore, you see everyone investing in cryptocurrencies due to the fluctuation of their large prices, as this will bring them a lot of profits.
  10. I think that working on faucets sites is just a waste of time, as it does not give you good returns in addition to the fact that the withdrawal limit in these sites is very large, so I would never recommend working in these sites.
  11. I think that the CryptoTalk forum is very wonderful and is developing continuously, and its popularity is increasing every day, and this is what we notice through the large number of topics and responses.
  12. I do not think that it is possible for cryptocurrencies to completely replace paper money because of the inability to completely dispense with paper money and to avoid falling into such problems as internet interruptions and others.
  13. My friend, trading depends on seizing opportunities and buying currencies at a low price and reselling them when their price rises again to achieve profits. It is better for you to convert your profits into a fixed currency to ensure that its price remains stable, and from these currencies the USDT.
  14. My friend, this differs from one country to another. In some countries, you may be punished when dealing with cryptocurrencies, while others may not be held accountable, and this varies according to the different laws of each country.
  15. I think it is good to set a plan for our crypto future and work to achieve our goals and frankly, cryptocurrencies give us a lot of good opportunities that we can take advantage of and win a lot of money.
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