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  1. Oh! For me captcha filling is very tough. Instead of filling 1000 captchas,i skipped working by filling in some captcha, because it seems very annoying to me, if you fill 1000 captcha You only get 1.5 dollar, but if you work in this forum you can earn better.
  2. Your all focuses that you have given as rundown are so useful for all particularly for newbibe individuals from this astounding froum,Quite it's I mean Crypttalk is so difficult and cautious about the principles and guidelines.
  3. Was not scammed in cryptomarket, but when I was childish I downloaded a cheat program that took some of my mobile money,people and more new people see that stranger and amazing offert, they trust and the most part of the times is a huge scam.
  4. One of the wonderful things that I found Yobit is more than a trading platform, as it provides many tools that allow us to collect money,i have invested in many currencies for some time and have won a lot. Mining on Yobit
  5. i trust only IEO which are arranged on Binance Launchpad,i recommend Binance Launchpad but there are only a few days left for the promotion to end.Thanks for the information
  6. Nice point of view,yobit is doing well with airdrops, to help us earn some money join Yobit and get some free airdrops,Yobit works well with airdrops.
  7. Mining using the phone is a waste of time, it is not profitable, in addition to the damage that it will cause to your phone,In this year it is not good to mine by mobile I recommend you through the cloud
  8. Earning by apps is rare.Some apps really pays but don't go long because people find way to scam the app.Most of the app for earnings are fake,There are some earning apps that have to spend most of their time looking at advertising.
  9. There are many options available to you for investing your money,First of all you need to know about investment sites.But dont invest all your money at once, invest some amount and check how it works for you.
  10. There are cryptocurrency ricks. You can't do anything without it. Just like if you invest to make money from here, you also have ricks.If you want to develop your life must be you take a risk. Without risk you can not prosper in your life,Thank you for topics.
  11. Crypto is a very good forum as part-time jobs especially for students. if you study the appropriate programming languages and the blockchain system itself, you can in principle earn a lot of money on development.
  12. Yes I also agree with my friends. The scamms thing try to convince us to deposit some amount on the fake airdrops and they didn't provide us enough amount,we must be careful with the new coins and tokens that come onto the market.
  13. The risks of trading cryptocurrencies are mainly related to its volatility. They are high-risk and speculative, and it is important that you understand the risks before you start trading.But if you are a good trader you could not be a loss.
  14. knowledge can be gained from any where. In todays advanced world we have so many platforms which provides us with knowledge,First you must read the rules of this forum and then start making good topics and giving relevant comments,Lack of knowledge and improper usage of this platform results in banning of your account.
  15. Buy low and sell high they say there, well, trading is an important part of cryptocurrencies, it is the center of its essence, starting you have to be very careful and not go very deep into it until you are prepared because you can commit an error that can cost all the capital invested,you will get enough experience then you will become more confident as well.
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