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  1. I think that in order to maintain a good reputation here, you should write useful publications that contain real and reliable information in order to attract visitors and thus they will give you additional points on your posts that you share here and this will help you to raise and improve your reputation, and you should stay away from empty posts that do not contain Information of value or importance
  2. Thanks for this advice, I really do not know how to maintain a good reputation among these distinguished old members. I will try to be careful in the types of publications that I will publish later and make sure of any information I want to publish before I do, thanks for this advice
  3. Hello dear, in fact, you can lose a balance from your wallet if you do not observe the basic safety rules by setting a strong password and not disclosing it to anyone, and there is also a type of hacker who is able to hack almost anything, except that you are safe because the founders of these companies It works on a daily basis to protect its customers from any danger
  4. You are right in this matter, people who want to research on a specific topic should resort to accurate sources these days because of the random and erroneous information spread on the Internet. Books are good news for researchers because they are often approved and documented by real experts and researchers.
  5. Oh, thanks for this information, I did not know that I could cause harm to anyone by working on the Internet, and what you say in this post alters my view of the topic completely, from now on I will be more careful in dealing with such investments, thanks for the information
  6. Yes, I believed. The most educated people in this forum were adults. I personally learned through their useful comments and their posts full of tips and important information in order to avoid the ban and keep the account secure
  7. Well, this is an attractive offer, but I think it is better for you to tell us more about this work, for example working hours, nature of work, what is the salary paid for this work, how to pay, and how to conduct promotion and support
  8. You have a right. Anyone can work through the Internet as soon as he is able to own sound devices with high speeds and good capabilities, and immediately start working on the Internet to reap profits. You can work full-time or part-time, depending on your time and the work that you do in your daily life
  9. There are several applications that help with this. I personally rely on the Electronum application and sometimes the phoneum application. They are the fastest and most secure, according to my personal experience. I have not dealt with others for a long time. I advise you to try one of them to evaluate the application after the experience
  10. In fact, I personally think that the Electroneum application is the best in terms of the amount of profits and in terms of ease of use. It provides a simple interface that is easy to deal with and provides ease in controlling the application settings. It is light on the mobile device and does not require high advantages, and as I mentioned earlier provides good profits and fetched
  11. I wish to learn how to publish useful publications and stay away from empty publications in order to increase the profits from this work. I hope that you or one of the members will benefit me for the possibility of achieving this, and thank you in any case.
  12. Well, thank you. Really, this platform is great for free earning, but I don’t know how to trade on yobit. Anyway, thank you for the advice. I will do a search on Google for ways to make money online, and I hope you share your research on the Internet if you have searched previously. To help me
  13. Good night Thank you for this information, but there are many rules that are unknown to us. Please, I hope that you inform us of more rules that are prohibited to use in the forum. Thank you anyway.
  14. Well, I think you have actually entered into investment since you posted the 100 comments of the masters, since that moment your account has been activated on the server and you are now required to suspend 20 times a day I think, in this case you must read on a daily basis to maintain On the account in an effective and secure manner
  15. First of all, you must free up more of your time in order to work on the Internet, as it needs you to give it of your time until you see satisfactory results, the account is prohibited in the event that members of the forum are repeatedly offended or unjustly given offensive ratings, or when you copy comments from The rest of the members will respond to them, and to keep your account safe, you must avoid what I mentioned to you
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