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  1. I will never forget those 2017 November-December when btc was close to 20 thousands dollar but alas this time i was just start to work in crypto industry
  2. No one can do anything if you send your ltc to btc address that's sad to hear this you will never receive your balance again
  3. Remember if you want to trade with your balance their is highly risk if you want to make some profit from trade you need to keep your eyes on the exchange you need to see those 3 things first when you are going to make a trade first volume second is team and the last one is exchange
  4. their was so many photos to the creator of bitcoins name satoshi nakamoto you can search it on google with his name to see the bitcoin creator
  5. if you asking for best eos wallet then i will ssuggest you to use trezor wallet 100% safe and easy to use this wallet
  6. Yes you are right you can earn from this browser you just need to verify your uphold account with your national identity card after that connect it with your brave browser and do use it like google chorme you will get your balance every month
  7. Its so much simple work to convert your btc into litecoin just go to the trade option and buy ltc with your btc to instant get your ltc just put on your buy order in the first sell order list
  8. Worst apps ever please don't share this kind of apps here because this is not a profitable work for us too much hard work and less money Yes to earn 1$ you need to work 1 week people should report to those apps so that they can't do this kind of cheat with us they pay us small penny instead of they earning too much from ads
  9. Thanks for share this idea to us but i dont think it was good for us because they never share best airdrop they just only share those airdrops to increase their referals earning
  10. Did you guys heard about escodex exchange? It was already listed on coin market cap you guys can check this out from here CoinMarketCap But Unfortunately they are going to shut down their exchange permanently because of some legal issues By the way if you guys have any funds into their then withdraw it fast before 15 October 2019
  11. Wow thanks for arrange this awesome contest for us as well as this will be the most interesting contest for us because from this contest we can also acquire various kind of knowledge and ideas also
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