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  1. Everyone should do that. Because giving your ID to any site can be very harmful for us. Because all our identities will go to them. So we are much more likely to be harmed. So before working on any site, work well. Good sites never want identity. Thanks for creating a nice topic, hopefully more people will know and learn this from here.
  2. All members should ask some questions before investing somewhere or else search. 1. Your money will be safe wherever you invest. What is the proof? 2. Are they scammers where you are investing? 3. Why and how much money in the amount of investment? 4. Proof that I can return the money. 5. Will you invest in his memo? . You invest the money, what will you do with it? Thank you.
  3. If you want to do big things including trading, then laptops are the best. If you want to do simulator then smartphone 3 GB RAM will be better. However, I would suggest you use a laptop. Because the best device for this nation is laptop. But not the computer. Because we don't have to carry computers everywhere. But laptops we can carry everywhere. Thank you.
  4. None of us should do that. Because Beginner has some time. No matter where you go first, you are a beginner. Then when you stay there for a while. Try to learn everything in less time and get out of the beginner section and become a member of good rank. This is what we should do and we want to do it. Those of you who are beginners do not sit here and work well to increase your rank. Thank you.
  5. I would like to make a recommendation for newcomers. I want newcomers to see the guidelines as soon as they arrive. Don't start work without seeing the guidelines. Because it would not be right to do so. If we don't look at the guidelines, we won't be able to look at the rules here. If I don't work well, I won't get paid. These are the things we should keep in mind. So as soon as the newcomers do this, I am recommending it to the newcomers. Thank you.
  6. Yes, of course. We need intelligence to work here. We need to work well. However, in our work, we can meet many scammers. We need to know them wisely, and avoid them. Then there will be no loss of our online income. Or we will not fall prey to scammers. If we want to work online, we must go through these in our own minds. Thank you.
  7. This is nothing unrealistic. If you aim, you can see a lot of people. Those who work at Creep like this own a lot of money today. This is nothing unrealistic. Only dedication and skill are required. You work with attention. After working at various air drop sites everywhere, learn trading. If you know how to trade, you can become rich in less time. This site has a good amount of BTC. You can deposit BTCs here and trade them. Thank you.
  8. Coinbase Wallet, a unique wallet. This is a very good way to buy and sell tokens. However, it does not have any trading system or any other feature. This is a wallet system. I used to use it too. But now I use yobit, so there is no need to use coinbase. But you can also use. Thank you.
  9. Foysal2020

    Trust wallet

    Trust Wallet, a beautiful wallet. Where you can bring tokens or coins for onetime. However, if you want to open an account here, you don't need any Gmail. All you have to do is keep the recovery code, and if it is lost, the account cannot be returned. So it is not right to do that. It would have been better if there was more medium. So I'd say use it, but don't put too much money here. And don't keep it for long. Because once the account is deleted, you will not get it anymore. Thank you.
  10. We understand to make income from internet. Make Income Online. We make income online. People who work here also do this online. This form is an online work form. Many people work here online, you can work if you want. However, if you want to work here, you have to acquire skills. I hope you start working here if you don't have that skill. This is a great income form.
  11. Crypt has many airdrops, which we are given dollars or coins when we use. However, in that case, there are some requirements, such as downloading from the Play Store, using the account for a few days or within a one-time, payment is made. Which matches the topic you mentioned. This is how income is possible. But there are not always such good offers. However, there are many CPA marketing sites where you can download the app and sign up for it. Thank you.
  12. If we make a mistake on a topic or work, our account may be banded. Also each of us can be our account band for anti-guideline work. We will definitely take note of the issues. We cannot do any work that is prohibited in this form, then our account will become a band. We refrain from all forbidden acts, hopefully you will too. Then there will be no problem. Thank you.
  13. bitcoin was already at the top. But now this level is much higher. Because now no other coin has the ability to go closer to Bitcoin. It has gone above and beyond. Come on, this coin will be on top of everyone. However, it has been very good for us, as we get Bitcoin by working on this site, our profit has been much higher due to its high price. Thank you.
  14. I last saw in my balance the price of BT, rising. And today I was shocked to see. My God. The price of BTC has gone up a lot. You don't want to trade in this. I think everyone has noticed. And taking cognizance. But this time BTC proved they are the best, and they are the main ones. Basically, the price of all coins is increasing, but BTC is the highest. It must be said. Thank you BTC K. And we are getting BTC by working from this site, now we are getting more profit.
  15. If any airdrop comes in front of us. Then we should first find out the subject of this offer, whether it is valid or not. If not, there is no need to sign up for this offer, as it will not pay. But yes, we should all work in Airdrop because a good amount of coins are available from here. However, it is much less than this forum. So I work here without working in the airdrop, but yes, if I see good airdrop, I definitely work there. You can do the same. Thank you.
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