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  1. If you have been reading the forum carefully, you will know that it is very easy to minimize losses, try it this way, when the currency in which you have invested, it lowers its price, you should only pass said investment to a currency that is found on the rise
  2. This is supposed to be the fundamental principle of trading, in addition to that you should also take into account the volume and other reasons to improve in the world of trading.
  3. arqjairoc

    Yobit legit?

    It is obvious that yes, yobit is one of the largest sales pages in the world, and I doubt that it is illegitimate due to the great reputation it has, also to carry out certain actions it is necessary the approval of a higher entity.
  4. Well, as we are already in 2020 I must say that this year was a great year for cryptocurrencies in general, almost most of the large cryptocurrencies went up a lot, so if you invested last year you must have generated a lot of profit
  5. The reality of cryptocurrencies is that they are the future, I and people believe that one day physical money will cease to exist and digital money will reign, and cryptocurrencies will have a value greater than saving
  6. In short, I hope to learn, my main goal in this forum is to learn, because in order to achieve great things later on, I must focus on learning from the mistakes of others.
  7. Actually not much, it is very little time that I have been using cryptocurrency platforms to generate money, my main objective is to learn and when I already have a good knowledge to teach others.
  8. Yes, later the bitcoin fever may end and another currency surpasses it, the closest one is the eth but it does not mean that later it is the one that dethrones the bitcoin.
  9. It is one of the safest ways to invest your money, bitcoin does not have a great possibility that its value will drop a lot, also it is most likely that its value will rise to a great point.
  10. Yes, you can do it, it is not so easy, but what can you do? Try different strategies that, although they seem risky, will always have an ethical solution.
  11. I think not, if the computer, graphics card etc, are designed for you to do the necessary mathematical calculations and this is what mining takes advantage of.
  12. Of course, trading has luck as its main component, or well, luck for some, for others they are a series of possibilities that must be evaluated and studied, it is not as luck as many believe, it is knowing how to understand the graphs and will be pending in the news about the currency that we are going to deal with
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