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  1. BNB is a token that will increase its value even more in a few years since it is already being used in the maroria of exchangers and more in the De-fi or de-centralized exchangers, remember that it is a token created for the Binance platform to reduce costs of transfers and even so we can see that their movement is equal to that of the best known cryptocurrencies for this reason it is believed that by 2021 the BNB will rise to 300 or 400 dollars so if you can you have to save some BNB since they will be very profitable long-term.
  2. You are right since a few years ago I bought the PAC cryptocurrency here in Yobit, when it came out it had a value of 0.02 cents of a dollar and I bought 10 dollars in them I thought that they would rise in price but not its price fell and now it is worth nothing until A dogecoin is worth 10 times more than that cryptocurrency and all for not investigating if it was profitable to buy it, but now it is much easier to know if a coin would be successful or not, but thanks for your contribution I will put it to the test.
  3. I have realized that the faucets no longer pay as before and are full of publicity that is why I no longer see the use of faucets as reliable but in the Airdorps you can earn large amounts of money with or without investment, but this also takes a great probability of loss for that reason we must look and analyze the places where we want to generate profits. That is why the use of Airdrops is recommended to start in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  4. If you are right since I lost a bit of my money in the defunct Cryptopia exchanger since it closed overnight and the money was never returned, for this reason we must choose and investigate well which exchanger we are going to use.
  5. dogecoin can be used primarily to send balances between exchanges for example if you want to spend 10 dollars in BTC from Poloniex to Binance for example you can transfer the BTC to Dogecoin and then send them to the other exchanger and thus avoid high transaction fees.
  6. The Faucets if they are real are not scams, the bad thing is that you generate very few cryptocurrencies in other cases their minimum withdrawal is mut high that you never end and you get tired and do not withdraw but there are other good ones that pay you something not much but it helps you to start , I started with LTC and DogeCoin faucets.
  7. In my opinion it should be good that they do that since I have seen publications that have nothing to do with the subject I have even seen publications where they only put letters at random, do you think they should earn something for doing that I think we all want to win a little but for that we must be aware and write things that help others.
  8. Well, I can say that my plans for the future is to finish my university studies since this cryptocurrency for me is a hobby, if I know that I have made money with cryptocurrencies but in my country it is still not very feasible to exchange BITCOIN for dollars since The commissions are very high and the people who use them are very few that is the reason that it is my hobby. I hope that in the future cryptocurrencies will be like physical money "accessible to all".
  9. I believe that for now the use of cryptocurrencies is still only for trading and a very low percentage for purchase due to its volatility that changes a lot due to supply and demand in the case of BITCOIN and ETH but it would be possible to make use of the stablecoins for future service payments.
  10. An airdriop are projects that offer a possible cryptocurrency which they give away and sell in exchange for tasks, some end up being a success and others in scam so you have to be very careful since most airdrops are scam.
  11. Do not sell or change them, just save them and if you like to trade use a little of your capital since it is said that the price shoots up once this pandemic passes, some say that it will reach 20,000 as in 2017 and others At 50,000, that's why you have to save a little and they also say that you have to save the BNB token that goes the same way as BTC.
  12. If I never bought cryptocurrencies but if I wanted to do it and the ones I would buy are TRON and BAT, I would also think about buying BNB since that currency has great potential, I remember that when I started, the DOGECOIN, which was the first cryptocurrency, caught my attention. so my recommendation would be to buy BNB.
  13. Practically if you can win, imagine how many people bought bitcoin years ago when its price was very low and now imagine how much they have, and you can also earn by trading in exchangers and thus earn but you need to know how to trade and there are people who can pay you to sell bitcoin.
  14. Yes, I recommend it for those who come to the world of cryptocurrencies but when you grow up, as in my case, it is no longer necessary more from the faucets because I earn more looking for coins on the street than in faucets, but in trading you already win more.
  15. If there is a lot of danger in leaving your cryptocurrencies in exchangers I say it from experience since I had a considerable amount in the extinct Crytopia since this page closed and they never returned the funds but you have to trust some exchangers such as Binance and Yobit I could not say a lot since I have little time to use it.
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