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  1. Payment rules has been changed and not like as before we used to get paid almost daily basis or weekly basis... at anytime, we see payments on our account, it can takes days, weeks, but we all get paid. be patience and continue your posting.
  2. Please correct it, it is feature not future, thanks for the information provided. it is helpful and really appreciate the vital knowledge shown to us. actually we can just point our mouse pointer on any post and we see quick display of the content and also pointing on a member display info about the member.
  3. Actually the wallet you mentioned here all good but the most secure wallets are the wallet you have control of... for example, the wallet you have private key, pass phrase in which you can move your money and have control of it in case of website closure.
  4. To create and own a exchange is one thing, to advertise it and publicize it another thing which is very harder compare to just own it. You can decide to buy the script for some few dollars and buy domain and hosting for also few dollars but to get users in is one thing hardest in any business. But just one thing could drive you huge traffic of users to your exchange which is airdrop. that is why till today and tomorrow yobit keeps doing free stuff all time to bring and keep her users.
  5. I quit agree with you, it is not good to be angry and trading at same time, or angry and posting here at same time. Because we can lose concentration and may leads to lose of money in trading or typing ignorantly in the forum or typing off topics or errors. as they say... "Don't make decisions when you are mad".
  6. But i believe its not just 100 posts but 100 useful posts because as you continue to post daily, you must see some reductions in the posts counts. This means those post deleted are not useful so they are not counted. Hence until your posts reach 100 before payment start.
  7. Your earnings are based on some conditions and fulfillment, conditions like useful post, and following and obeying the rules, because if your ban then you can no longer do posting, is also good to fulfill the 20 posts per day for good earnings. Only the useful posts are paid.
  8. Yes of course posting links is allowed because i have seen several links from member's post. but these link are for reference purposes not for referrer purpose. You can create topic about something and paste the link as a source of your information for people to verify your information if true or false.
  9. It is connected together both the exchange and forum, the exchange own the forum, so payments are made in the exchange, hence to be get paid you must have account in both sites.
  10. Yes, infact, without knowledge the world would be stagnant... is good to share information for others to benefit. It will really change a lot in their life for sharing and contributing knowledge. That's the main purpose of this place.
  11. The demand will be higher in that year, the price might hit 100k - 500k. btc has surprised many doubt last year and this year, hence so many people and organizations and investing in btc because of it potential of making people millionaire.
  12. Yes, it feels so bad to see long unconfirmed transactions especially when you need it urgently. That was how i missed out one IEO last year, i bought btc from someone and he used low fee to send the coins and it took almost 24 hours to arrive and i missed the ieo in yobit that year and later he apologized for using low fee.
  13. Thanks for sharing with us this vital information here, I will tryout the site and see what i can grab for this opportunities at the corner. Hope they remain loyal and continue payment. Am trying to register but it says enter share code? Please what is this share code about?
  14. If your country does not allow you to buy bitcoin using bank you can use other means provided you have visa or mastercard, changelly offer the use of cards, payeer offer the use of card and also cex too and many more and to sell bitcoin you can use local bitcoin and find a buyer with good rate in your country.
  15. Actually this problem exist long time, we face this almost everyday or once in a week or once in a month. Yes it is good in that way to keep the account safe from hackers. But the negative side is that if you lost your phone for your 2fa login, you might find it difficult to login back.
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