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  1. I will try to continue learning trading and try to add capital to accumulate more coins, especially BTC, but the main thing for me is to keep learning and training.
  2. I think that if it influences, most of the time in the price of other currencies, it is very difficult for any currency to take off from the market and go against the trend set by Bitcoin
  3. Particularly what I hope is to learn a lot, since this crypto world for me is something that is here to stay, and it is increasingly being adopted
  4. I think BTC still has a long way to go, its capitalization is tiny compared to that of gold, if it becomes only 10% of that market, BTC would trade at 140k
  5. The commissions depend on the network, ETH and BTC are very high, I think it is best to use the BNB SmartChain network, the truth is that it would be very important for the entire ecosystem to have lower commissions in all networks
  6. I think it is very difficult to know when the BTC is going to go up or down, I follow several analysts and Youtubers who know a lot and not even they know it, what I use is common sense, if it went up a lot I sell a little and try to buy back more down
  7. The first income I had was trading, seeing it from a distance I think it was a coincidence, since I had no idea what I was doing, but the market was bullish
  8. Particularly what I do is try to accumulate more crypto, if I do well in a trade I try to buy back lower, so I can accumulate coins
  9. I think it is not necessary to go that far, if I could go back to March and buy at 4k it would be a 10x profit, really incredible !!!
  10. I think the upward trend is unquestionable, if you look at it in annual charts the growth is impressive, there is no reason to believe that this will stop happening, I think the crypto market will continue to happen in the long term
  11. I think so, some projects are made to be scams, I remember the case of Bitconnect, which left thousands of users without anything overnight, many others are abandoned as Substratum and there are even exchanges that disappear with the money of users like Altilly
  12. I think the most important thing is to manage emotions, not to sell in panic or buy with FOMO, apart from that experience and patience are very important, it is also very difficult to become a successful trader, the simplest thing is to buy and hold long term
  13. Unfortunately there are many people who still think that the whole crypto world is a scam, they should inform themselves and investigate a little more, especially for them, because they lose many very interesting assets
  14. In particular, I think it could go down a little more, maybe up to 28 or 26k, you need to breathe and then keep going up, it had gone up a lot and very fast for my way of seeing it
  15. I have the doubt that it is already finished, the market rose a lot and very suddenly, which makes you need to breathe a little to take profits
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