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  1. Comparing with bitcoin, Ethereum price is more pumped than bitcoin. I think within October 2020 Ethereum will hit $500. What is your comments???
  2. I am Not Sure eth. But Eth Excellent Project. I think eth is second number of king Cryptocurrency. Some People Love Eth And Many people like Eth.
  3. Since Justin Sun, Tron founder, postponed the million-dollar lunch with Warren Buffet, he seems to be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire with each turn. Yesterday, as we reported, Justin made a suspicious apology for over-hyping the lunch with Warren and then later deleted it.Additionally, the events surrounding his whereabouts and standing with the Chinese government authorities remain a mystery after purported kidney stones detention. On the heels of this fiasco, the TRON community has been caught up in a selling frenzy as TRON (TRX) suffers a massive loss in value.The recent accusation against Justin comes in the wake of a raging tweet storm by Bram Cohen, the founder of BitTorrent and presently the CEO of Chia Network.
  4. AfnaanBro


    Coinbase wallat is a My favourite wallet. coinbase wallat is very nice.
  5. Ethereum release 2.0 technology, it will change the marketcap of ethereum. I see many people have buy more ethereum and ethereum has shown good progress at the market. Can ethereum beat Bitcoin at the next future ?
  6. My favourite wallet Trust waklat and Etherwallat
  7. It is what we really want to find in yobit that window to be able to enter the world of ccryptocurrency. if you got some answers you should shre them with us hare as most me.
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