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  1. Hello, I always used another coins to make a withdraw, generally use ETH or LTC much more faster and cheap fees.
  2. Hello, a lot of people think that before the BTC halving will be a hugo move on the price, my personal opinion is that the huge move will come after the halving, like everything in the crypto world all is just speculations.
  3. Hello, of course that if you have multiple accounts can be banned, is not fair and healthy for the forum. Is important to follow the rules.
  4. rom8m92fc9 - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  5. No problem Sr, is always a pleasure to try to help other people to know how the things work in the crypto world, just remember this is a little risky so try to make a good rearch before you invest in something, if you keep this in mind you´re skills in trading will grow up. Have a nice day.
  6. Hello I hope you're great, is a little hard to explain you how to trade in Yobit simply writing here, I suggest to search in Youtube about how to trade in Yobit there you will find a lot of videos about it,remember that with any mistake you can lose money, so is better that you first research and learn how much how you can before start trading seriously. I wish you the best luck.
  7. Hello, I was some days off line, but I noticed that I din´t recieved for my last 3 or 4 posts, maybe some of my old posts was moved to a non-paid board, I will try to make some posts today and hope that the payments start to come again. Good luck everyone.
  8. Hello, something is going on with payments, me and a lot of others members had not received more payments since 8/11 there must be some issues with payments system, so if you're over 100 posts and no getting paid must be the same issue we have, I hope can be fixed asap. Good luck.
  9. Code: UYROFN Yobit the best Exchanger ever, thanks to much for airdrop.
  10. Hello, how much time do you have without get payments? Some times is system delay, you must be sure that your posts is wasn't moved to a not pay section or delete.
  11. Hello, the real number of genuine accounts is hard to know, but in my personal opinion I think that at least the 20% are bots and multi accounts cheaters. Have a great day. 👍
  12. Hello, this is a little complex but not impossible, to be success you need to educate yourself you also need to be patient, in my own history in crypto I can tell you that at begging a lost some money cause for my leak of knowledge but now I feel really comfortable with my trading skills, like everything in this life crypto trading need a lot of training to perfection your skills, you can read a lot of info about strategies but when you create your own you will feel comfortable in what you're doing. Good luck.👍
  13. Hello, the best advice is to split your capital in several coins, make your own research about every coin you plan to buy and if your convince for one just buy some percentage of all your capital, in this moment I'm in XRP,DOGE,LTC and of course ETH and BTC for long terms. Good luck. 👍
  14. Wow is really sad to read this, but I'm agreed with the majority of the community comments here that your coins are lost, the exchanges generally warning people to not confused the wallet address because the result is lost of coins. I hope you can sort any solutions to your problem. Good luck.👍
  15. Hello, I just remember that when I began in the crypto world spend a lot of time too claiming in faucets, in these days the faucets had a big payouts rate for my was easy to claim 500k weekly, for sure faucets is the best way to very beginner people start to interact with cryptos, Good luck. 👍
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