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  1. Yes, I know is hard to see how your money worth almost nothing compairing with other countrys, but thanks to cryptos some money can be save, in my case BTC was the real angel in my life to save the little I have and even now is worth more than when I bougth it, so now I have much more money. The inflation in my country last year was something like +10.000% so you can imagine that the worth of local fiat money is almost nothing.
  2. I love Bitcoin because is Freedom, for me was the better way to protect my money when my country economy goes to the hell, thanks to Bitcoin i can keep feeding my family.
  3. I´m not sure about this idea, becouse if all people start to get paid in YO token there will be always a lot of sells of people converting the YO payment into BTC and that can be really bad for YO holders. Good luck.
  4. Hello, the payments are made every 3-4 hours at least in my case, everyone is free to join and get paid for posting max 30post at day (+100 characters and constructive posts), only some people with a brand new yobit account are having problems to get paid (this is what i read in many posts) but maybe they only need to wait a little more to get paid. Good luck.
  5. Hello, as some of the forum members have told you, there are many factors that you should take into account before thinking about mining, such as the cost of acquiring specialized equipment (Aiscs or Gpus) and the cost of electricity consumption in your country, in my case I can tell you that mining can be very profitable because the cost of electricity is practically a gift (Venezuela) but the service sometimes fails many times a day, now if your are planing to do it only for fun or learning purposes, is a lot better to do it with your cpu or gpu intead of your cell phone becouse it can be damege for mining. Good luck.
  6. Yes, this scammers has been arround for a long time, you can see that there are some Twitter accounts offering withdrawall your found from Maintenance wallets or stuffs like that, people must be really carefull and don´t send money to anyone, the place to handle this kind of problems is Yobit support.
  7. Hello, payments are made every 3-4 hours for me, I really don´t know if you going to have some problem with a brand new yobit account, you must be sure your post qualify to be counte and get paid (+100 Characters and constructive posts). If you keep the rules you only need to be patient and wait for the payment. Good luck.
  8. Yes, now I see all more clear, I don´t know why I never think about it, but to be honest is the first time I read about this option in LocalBitcoin, I was lossing my money for a long time. hahaha
  9. Wow now I got you´re idea and I can do the same, I really apreciated you recomendations, for sure a more cheap and quick way to convert my BTC in fiat. Thank you very much.
  10. Really? that´s so good... But unfortunable for my I never see a LTC buyer in LocalBitcoin for my local fiat, maybe I have to make a better research the next time I change BTC to fiat. That could be great becouse sometimes the procees to swap ETH>BTC in Blockchain wallet can take a long time.
  11. I generaly convert my BTC to ETH and send to blockchain wallet then I make a Swap ETH>BTC and doing this I still saving 50% of fees, of course this is with little amount of BTC less than 0.01 when I make big profits I don´t care the Yobit fee and move my earning directly in BTC.
  12. I started here today too, but i´m participating in the Bitcointal Signature campaign if the work in the same way, the payment must be done every 3-4 hours, but if your perfil was acepted by yobit you don´t need to worry just be a little patient and wait for the payment update. Good luck.
  13. For sure this is true and they will pay, I´m participating in the Bitcointalk signature campaigns and they pay me without problem, apart of this competiton you can earn 1000sats for every constructive post that you make with +100 charaters but you need to meke sure you fill your email in yobit page. Click in your username and the in Crypto talk campaign and keep the instructions. Good luck.
  14. Hello everyone, I just received the email from yobit announcing this competition, certainly a good way to attract new users, maybe I'm registering a little late to be able to compete with people who already have some time in the forum, but surely in the future administrators will continue to give incentives to grow this place with good content. Good luck to you all.
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