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  1. I think both currencies are good and in my point of view if I have to Remove one currency I should remove USD because it is a stable currency and users cannot earn profit with this coin so that's why I prefer USD to be removed
  2. I think many companies are trying to create their own currencies after Bitcoin succession and many Cryptocrunnceies are introduced to us I think there are now about 3000+ Cryptocrunnceies that are using over cryptocrunncey Exchanges
  3. I am very happy to see that Bitcoin has suddenly hit 12k$ and my prediction and I also thinking that it will cross 15$k soon as it is growing what's your opinion About it guys waiting for your meaningful replies
  4. By reading your lovely opinions about Yobit I am Very happy that you are giving love to Yobit and that's the reason why Yobit is giving away many Airdrops to there users so keep Supporting Yobit and it will give you many Airdrops and opportunities to earn online 🤩
  5. Yeah this is well for us because with this way scammers and spammers will stay away from Cryptotalk and they will not spam more at Cryptotalk what's your opinion about this guys reply me thanks ✍️
  6. I think Bitcoin is popular Currency Because is first cryptocrunncey and it has highest price then all other Cryptocrunnceies so that's why it is so popular
  7. I think doge is just a meme coin nothing else so we can't predict about Doge that what will the future of doge in some fee months or years what is your opinion about this guys tell me guys
  8. I think now a days all exchanges are real because the name of exchange is not a small thing to make a exchange you need a huge hardwork and money so that's why there are no any fake exchanges, all exchanges are real what is your opinion about this guys ???
  9. I think most Earning apps are fake but there are still some legit apps that are giving you Bitcoins and other Cryptocrunnceies so try founding real apps maybe you will get a real app, if you download any application first of all review this app that you found from Google or YouTube
  10. Many people are saying that pi mining app is fake but I am still Mining pi token but I don't know how to withdraw this token I also think it is a fake app just for fun but maybe my option can be wrong, I also think maybe it will give us a huge profit in some months so keep it and keep logging in daily in this app to earn daily PI TOKEN
  11. Yobit investbox is a very good investment scheme that I ever see in any crypto so you can earn from Yobit investbox without doing nothing you can Invest different coins and tokens in Yobit investbox so u recommend you to Invest in Yobit investbox scheme for a good and massive profit
  12. I can earn a huge income from Cryptotalk and I am already doing that, I am Earning daily about $5 from Cryptotalk so for me Cryptotalk is a lucky champ and I also recommend you to work on Cryptotalk because Cryptotalk is a great site to earn Money and I am also earning Money from this
  13. I don't think Crypto will replace national currencies because national currencies have a stable value but Cryptocrunnceies have don't a stable price that is the reason I don't think Crypto will replace national currencies
  14. I have earned a lot of money from Yobit and I have so much experience in playing DICE on Yobit, you can play it with your money and can earn a huge income daily by playing DICE but it is little bit risky so don't be greedy while playing DICE on Yobit
  15. The private key is used for both to encrypt and decrypt data and shared between the sender and encrypted data. The public key is only used to encrypt data and to decrypt the data, the private key is used and is shared. ... The public key mechanism is called asymmetric being two keys for different purposes. Special thanks : TutorialsPoint
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