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  1. Really it is a very good news not only for the German but also for the whole crypto would. It reminds us that crypto is earning everyone'a trust that's why the government of Germany accept crypto.
  2. Litecoin is one of the best crypto coins.you can use it like bitcoin. There are so many way to use.you can earn more by using it or also can make real money with them and make facuet money .
  3. There won't gonna occur any problem for posting more time in a same post.but your every post need to be useful for the members and the newbie.
  4. Yes the is a section named beginners in the forum.one new member can know everything about the forum and many other things from the section.it will be so helpful to them.
  5. I think it is time for bitcoin again to decrease it's price.Because it is common that it's price grow for some time andagain after that start to decrease.
  6. If you want to withdraw your money as bitcoin it's fee is 0.0012 btc here.it is really high amount.but if you withdraw by lit or ethor any other coin the fees will be much lower.
  7. You should use the best and most used crypto coins if you want to trade or want to invest on them.but I think,everycoin is real,there not fake coin.
  8. Yes.you are right. We all can see the red announcement at the top of the forum.5 or 6 country are included in the list .the reason is that they post wrong things or there posts aren't clear.
  9. No. Yobit registration is alwayson.if are having some problem, you should try again later the next day.I think you will able to do the work than.so don't worry.
  10. I think everyone will give the same and and it will be bitcoin is my favourite coin than bitcoin gold.because it is top of all cryptographic coins and has a big value
  11. If we want to judge the best coin we can judge by the price of the coins.it will be best way.and by this process bitcoin will be at the top with a price of 10k $.
  12. Jamil1011

    Exchange Fees

    I always use yobit exchange.it is my favourite one.I am using it for a long time.it has a really lower exchange fee of just 0.2% of your whole money that you want to exchange.
  13. Jamil1011

    Exchange Fees

    I like the yobit exchange most.it is a great site.and the fees of exchange is just 0.2% of your whole money.it is so lower than other so many exchanges.I like it so much.
  14. Controling emotions and being patient is the main way to be successful in trading.one need to practice this things not for only getting successful in trading'but also in the whole life.
  15. You can spend your litecoin in so many way.you can trade with them,or can invest them or can hold them or also can sell them and make faucet money with them.
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