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  1. I also dont know what ot is,will follow this convo to find out.
  2. I need to make cash fast,how much do i need to begin with and what should i invest.car in the ballance lol.
  3. How many of you have actually made money and how many has lost money trading?
  4. When gambling with crypto,can you win big or is it just small amounts unlike big online casinos?
  5. What would be the best coin on yobit to investin long term?not btc but any other coin?
  6. Is it good to think about investing bitcoin and where is the safest place where i can earn good interest with a low withdrawal fee?
  7. Recently i have been hearing rumors of a facebook coin that might be comming oust soon.anybody know anything about this or if its true?
  8. Should i mine mobile and is it worth it?many sites claim you can mine but is it worth taking the risk and effort?
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