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  1. Here is a short definition of what the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is: It is an institution of North American origin that has the responsibility of regulating and enforcing the laws of securities. Lately this commission has moved tab with the markets that move cryptographic values. I suppose you all know that this institution has currently filed a lawsuit against Ripple labs, the developer of XRP, due to an alleged sale of securities equivalent to 1.3 billion dollars, whose process apparently was not very legal. This situation has created uncertainty in the market, a plunge of 21% shows the distrust and fear of investors, XRP for years has been characterized as a currency with little support from the community due to its centralized system, so This event has strongly affected Ripple's reputation. Another case in which the SEC has been involved in recent days was the cancellation of the ShipChain ICO valued at 27 million, in addition the company was fined a value of 2 million dollars. In addition to this, during 2021 the United States Congress plans to give more powers to the SEC so that its investigations include even those who custody tokens of relative value. What do you think about this? Do you think it will be the end of the history of ripple on North American soil? What do you think about the SEC?
  2. Has the "Pay for rating" system been paused? Yesterday I remember giving a few points (30 approximately) since I had free time and I reviewed some interesting topics, but the counter froze at 19 and today when giving a reputation point, the system does not pay me for it.. Does this have something to do with the price that started to rise?
  3. Well, making money without doing anything is impossible, since all forms require something, the mining need maintenance , the trading needs analysis to earn and the investments because they need attention, I personally learned about cryptocurrencies through a game, one day a user said that He paid his monthly membership with Bitcoin, and that he gathered the money to do it in one day, he mentioned Bitcoin and then my adventure began
  4. It is funny that the legislative branch contradicts itself with the judicial one, since precisely in the United States, the FBI, with the authorization of the cameras that manage the economy, constantly makes auctions where the funds seized by some cryptocurrency scams are sold, so if the FBI sell those coins and get dollars, would that not mean that cryptocurrencies are money? I support Trump in many things but sometimes he says silly things because he is an outright conservative.
  5. It must be clear that there are many people with great financial, cultural or social power within cryptocurrencies, because if this were not the case, a total blockade or ban of the market could easily be promoted, causing all progress to be lost, I've read a couple of conspiracy "theories" that big governments keep Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies afloat because it allows them to fund some things indirectly.
  6. I believe that the concept of youth cannot be applied to the Bitcoin community, especially because it is not represented by a certain group, in addition, many people become investors every day, causing the average economic and mental maturity to vary too much, without however, it is obvious that something has changed in recent years
  7. All good, but not even in 2080 doctors, engineers or scientists will cease to exist, there are areas that obviously can never be altered by cryptocurrencies, I know many professionals who practice their studies while investing in bitcoin mining or another cryptocurrency. It will be the opposite, the technology on which the cryptocurrencies (Blockchains) are based will help different areas, which will generate more jobs, the cryptocurrency world can leave many profits but its environment is more hostile than that of a "common" income
  8. Some believe, and I include myself, that cryptocurrencies are almost a concept integrated into the definition of what a volatile market is, that is, a market such as stocks is useless if it will be applied with cryptocurrencies, although many seek stability most choose to trade as they want to generate profits through analysis of volatility and market trends.
  9. Well, your question is part of what is known as speculative value, Bitcoin in particular only has the support of its community, it was developed and delivered to the internet where those who shaped it today became rich, it is more clear than within the btc community There are companies valued in billions that show their support, in short it all depends on the confidence that people have in Bitcoin.
  10. One of the ideas that I usually support is to save bitcoins as long as this does not affect finances in general, however it seems to me that what you propose is very interesting, every day the number of fractions that are lost increases, I entered hacks to exchanges or to individuals and the loss of data related to wallets, I estimate that by 2050 about 7 million coins will easily have been lost.
  11. As you mentioned, financial education is essential to make good investments, but when mentioning what to invest in, a wide range of possibilities associated with the cryptographic world opens up, which varies according to the investor's ambitions and tastes, for example, some are more patient than others as well as there are anxious people who are looking for money on a daily basis. But if we speak in general terms, the best option is mining and staking plans.
  12. A couple of days ago I read an article where both Wells Fargo and BOFA were talking about the surprise integration of MassMutual into the cryptocurrency market, it was a somewhat critical position but they highlighted the fact that more and more institutions, companies and organizations of high caliber are betting on Bitcoin and its peers, something similar to FOMO but within companies, since everyone wants their part of the business.
  13. The truth is that Doge has some windows compared to its competition in the market, for example the ease of mining it or the commissions that are usually handled, however the problem is that its base is not very serious, it has an almost infinite supply and its Price shows no signs of recovery, currently many buy other cryptocurrencies because despite the Fomo, Doge remains stagnant.
  14. I think that an application based on the forum would be very helpful, in my specific case it is essential since I spend more time on my phone than on anything due to my investments, the mobile version through the browser is good but it has errors at the same time time to create topics or post, unfortunately this is not among the staff's plans so we will be left with the desire.
  15. Amiami

    Is mining dead?

    At all, there are both coins to be mined and pre-mined, a case is that of Bitcoin whose mining will approximately give profits until 2130 or the case of XRP, which was simply generated on the Blockchain, mining will never be obsolete because it is constantly being need more and more power to solve the calculations.
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