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  1. Pi Network is a crypto-currency developed at Stantford and can be mined from the cell phone without using the whole battery. It is in beta phase, so coins can be easily obtained. The main characteristic of the crypto coin is its security, confidentiality and decentralization. If to create the wallet you have to allow access to some personal data, it is that there is a central authority that asks for it and that has the power to decide if you can create it or not, there is a central authority that has power over the currency.
  2. It is never advisable to place or invest all the money in one place, the risk is very high, this year I made an investment in a platform that was working excellent and which I could get good profits, however from one moment to another hill and I could not recover my investment, although the crypto currencies are safer, are also very volatile so diversify your purchase in at least 2 or 3 would be ideal, you can incorporate a recognized ICO and so hope that when one goes down the other rise and can maintain profitability
  3. USDT is a stable crypt currency created by the Tether Company. A stablecoin is a cryptomoney that maintains a fixed value with respect to a high value fiat currency, a cryptoactive or some commodity. The Tether Company has created it with a 1:1 parity with respect to the dollar, 1 USDT will always have a value equal to or very close to 1 USD. It is a crypto currency that serves a lot to maintain the value of our money, especially if we are dedicated to the world of trading to protect assets from volatility.
  4. Undoubtedly the best currency after Bitcoin, is Ethereum, not only because it is the second best positioned in the market, but because the volume of transactions has increased considerably as well as its price, additionally allows the implementation of intelligent contracts, with its own programming language that runs in a chain of blocks, allows developers to create and run distributed applications.
  5. KYC (Know Your Customer) means to know your customer, it involves obtaining relevant information about the identity of the customers of a service. The platform that offers the service will require all customers to present appropriate identification documents, such as photo IDs, bank accounts, credit card information, residential addresses, bills, etc. KYC is primarily used to ensure that only qualified individuals have access to use a given service; it creates a database of information that the police can use in their investigations in the event of any future criminal activity.
  6. Coinomi is an interface that allows the connection and interaction with several Blockchain networks, allowing the user to enter his private key and trade his funds from this interface. It is an extremely secure wallet that allows the user to keep control of the private keys of all the wallets. Coinomi is not an Exchange, this tool does not allow the purchase or sale of crypto currencies with FIAT currency directly. We will have to buy the crypto-currencies by another way and then deposit them inside the wallet we open with the application.
  7. Z-Pay is a payment service that facilitates the transfer of funds between people. It is a platform to provide confidential fund transfers that cannot be verified by senders and receivers. The main characteristics of Z-Pay. -Possibility to make private payments. -Confidential payment. -Encrypted currency mixer. -Convert statutory payments into cryptomoney. -If the client does not wish to pay the legal fee, simply select the appropriate crypt-currency and pay with a Z-Pay check. -Speed and privacy.
  8. Payeer is an electronic wallet, which works in more than 200 countries around the world. With it, we can send and receive money in a simple way, and with a commission of only 0.95%. Payeer is also useful to make changes from one currency to another (dollars, euros, cryptomonies, and other more) within the own platform, although the changes to cryptosystems have high commissions. You can make collections from any platform without having a verified account, also has a referral system of 6 levels, with which we can generate profits.
  9. The crypto currencies and general have been adopted in Venezuela as a form of exchange and acquisition of goods, this in part due to the sanctions of the North, and the Dash is one of them, for the commissions it charges that are low and the time of transactions are very low, as a curious fact the crypto currency Petro created in this country is based on Dash.
  10. These are their differences. Type of currency: UpHold has a wide range of currencies, crypts and precious metals, transactions on PayPal are only expressed in currencies. Subscription: Both are free to join, and each is different in how it is done. You must be over 16 years old or you will need a legal representative. Popularity: Because they don't have the same number of subscribers, some may prefer to stay with PayPal. But UpHold and promises to be more diverse, secure and affordable. Fees: UpHold is competing out of people's pockets. At PayPal, the commissions for the one who pays and also the one who receives the funds are famous, which makes it very expensive. It seems that for now, UpHold is commission free in some cases or with significant points of difference from PayPal.
  11. Definitely yobit is better, paypal charges very high commissions, and has many restrictions and requirements to make and receive payments and there are countries where they do not work, instead yobit has a simple registration process, you can save and exchange thousands of epairs of crypto currencies and you can also buy and sell fiduciary currency such as the dollar and ruble, without counting the various investment options, trading and mining that this platform has.
  12. Exodus is a software founded in 2015 by Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson in Nebraska, is one of the most popular and powerful wallets according to several specialized sites. One of its fundamental pillars is the speed of operations within its platform. They have a "Trezor Hardware Wallet" key to store your wallet there. Advantages: You can buy the trezor hardware to safely store the wallet. Both support and documentation are quite complete and extensive; available 24/7. Intuitive design makes it quite easy to operate the wallet. Disadvantages: Security is a little bit low. You can't directly buy crypto currencies with real money. There is no support in Spanish, only in English.
  13. matosjohan

    Metamask wallet

    MetaMask is a free wallet available for Web use. It is like a browser for accessing the Ethereum network, with the ability to store and send Ether and ERC20 tokens. It has very good levels of security, with a simple and intuitive interface in which you can switch between a test network and the main network Ethereum. It gives the user control to manage funds and sign blockchain transactions through a key obtained in the initial configuration.
  14. Coinbase is an online platform that acts as a digital wallet, which means that you can use it to store all your cryptomonies in one unified site. It also generates a unique address that other people can use to send you crypto-currencies, allowing you to receive or make payments without having to go through other services. Additionally, it is a service for buying and selling crypto-currencies; you can link your credit card to the service and use your real money to buy different types of crypto-currencies, and then at the moment you want you can sell them again for fiat money
  15. Although it would be a useful tool for the forum I think that currently is not pertinent since they barely have a single currency and all the exchange is done by yobit that has multiple combinations to exchange, if the forum has planned to evolve then it is good that it is working on its own wallet.
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