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  1. It is short term that is risky. Long term is called holding. It is not risky but require more investment capital for it.
  2. I do the three. I hold coin. Sell it at price that is high. And wait for it to reduce price and buy again.
  3. The two are good. I like to hold. My friend trade. I noticed I can more than him but I use more money for holding
  4. Any body have just lost trade or that lose recently panic first to trade or not. They are called panic buyers and sellers.
  5. I want to understand more about auto pilot trading because how can trading be done automatically on my behave.
  6. Crypto traders are not better than just holding a coin. The best us to invest which is also known as holding a coin.
  7. These two are good. Some people lime for ex while some like crypto. I prefer cryptocurrencies. But they are not risky and profit.
  8. It is good. So profitable. I like EOS because it increase according to the market. Not lime some coins that have no bearing.
  9. Good start in trading can be very dangerous for new traders. They can think trading ks easy and put more high amount and lose.
  10. To become a successful trade too have to follow the rules of trading. Some have the wisdom and knowledge but lack this rules and lose.
  11. Tho site can be legit but I can not invest there. I prefer reputable exchanges because they are new and can easily go away with people money.
  12. Good coins. I like to choose first 10 coins for short time trading and first 20 coins for long term holding.
  13. I think this is not possible because the price will be higher than just $12000. We will see new all time high of cryptocurrencies sooner.
  14. The basic to teach on trading are to be be ready on google or articles. If the person can not read or like reading g he can YouTube for it.
  15. The two coo s are profitable. Only luck can make one better than other. They are both a good coins to trade.
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