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  1. It is a complex question, I imagine that those who will benefit the most will be those who adopt this technology more quickly, who support the crypto world instead of putting obstacles and wanting to stop it, this is because this new technology came to revolutionize and to stay.
  2. The crypto world is a revolution in the economic system, here something that we must take into account is that patience is the best strategy for the investor, not wanting to be patient and preparing is what will help anyone to be better. only in the world of investments but in everything that one does. There are losses on occasions and between occasions there are gains and we must be aware and measure the risk in our operations. If there is a loss, it is normal, you have to recover and continue studying and preparing.
  3. I completely agree with this post, greed and fear can generate losses in our operations. One must always carry out operations knowing how to operate, the risk must be measured when operating, but when there is leverage, not falling into the FOMO, having a stop-loss and a take-profit and operating after performing an analysis of market.
  4. Well, now this ecosystem is being revolutionized at an impressive speed and without parameters, there are already many tokens covering many needs for payments and collections, an excellent exchange method with a lot of security and speed to carry out operations in seconds and an excellent investment object.
  5. At present and for the future there will be many advantages to know about Cryptography and Blockchain, perhaps starting with some introductory topics about these areas would be of great intellectual value because they can arouse interest and are new areas of opportunity that will generate highly paid jobs.
  6. Making good contributions to the forum helps to improve this ecosystem and therefore our forum will have more valuable information that allows us to have greater intellectual and economic benefit.
  7. A few days ago I read an article that talks about this cryptocurrency where it says that January will start the project and it will be a stable currency, there are only some details missing but this project is already very close to starting, let's hope to see what response it has in the market.
  8. A good question, my memorable coin is YFI I lost when I invested in this coin, but you get learning and it is what has no value, even though I lost, I learned a lot about the cryptomundo with that investment.
  9. Well, basically, I am new to this crypto world, I am very enthusiastic about learning a lot and I hope over time to have 1 btc since its price over time is increasing more and more.
  10. Well, basically it is already here, a very short time after incorporating all the update. This is very good since it will bring many good things to the ecosystem, lower fees and faster transfers, which will improve interactivity with smart contracts. A breakthrough for Ethereum and for the entire crypto world.
  11. Well I imagine that this is due to misinformation, not knowing how the blockchain works and what bitcoin is itself. Cryptocurrencies are on the rise and in a short time it will not be necessary to convince a person to invest in bitcoin since they will realize the economic importance of bitcoin in the world, how it works and how beneficial it is for all of us.
  12. I use Brave and I presearch the bad of this even though I really like using Brave it only showed me ads for a few days and then it didn't do it anymore, don't I know why this is due? I think the only thing I have not tried is to reinstall it to make sure that it is an error of that type and based on that make a decision. Although it seems like a good browser, I follow and fast.
  13. It is true, we should not do sepam, I like this forum because it has many topics developed about btc, altcoin and blockchain. Also for topics aimed at beginners which is good since one learns a lot about the world of crypto. I have also read more specialized topics and thanks to this one learns one more. The good thing is that every time there is more information and this entire ecosystem is more enriching for all of us.
  14. From my fucking point of view YFI since I think they continue to work on their project making improvements and working hard to strengthen it. The point is that it is highly volatile and it is very risky at the moment to invest in it, but over time we will see how the project develops.
  15. DeFi is the future and complement of bitcoin. These days the growth of BTC has been seen reaching almost 20,000 USDT due to the fact that many institutional investors are investing in this great project and this generates greater adoption of BTC in the world and the same I imagine will happen with DeFi gradually it goes from the banking system to DeFi as from fiat currency to cryptocurrencies.
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