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  1. This will be the safest means of loaning cryptocurrencies because if you go with it, they will collect the collateral.
  2. This year will be the most profitable tear since last three years ago. Investing now is good and toj can hold it for long term.
  3. This is so huge. I think it will be a rumor. In this world of copy and paste. The owner will copy and paste the address to avoid error.
  4. Scammers by phone transport and scammers by exchanges. There are many ways scammers do their work. But if we know these ways we will not be scammed.
  5. If the demands of a coin is more and very higher than the supply, the price will be getting higher.
  6. There is not other reasons we invested in cryptocurrencies. I do it because I see future in it. There will be a time of bull run that will make these coins to worth thousands of dollars.
  7. My first purchase with crypto was cryptocurrencies wallet. I get larger nano s because it is not too expensive.
  8. I do not think so. Yoda was not expensive like yo coin. Yo coin is very expensive and was expensive before. Today is also decreasing price.
  9. It is nice. I collect bitcoin on cryptotalk. I earn on trades. There are down times too but the profit time is more.
  10. This depends. Some people get money from digital while some on cryptocurrencies. Most of the money of politicians and celebrities are from fiat.
  11. I spend up to or over 5 hours a day. This is spent on cryptotalk, crypto news, crypto group on telegram and trade.
  12. It is very risky if you are investing based on what your reading on news. They are helpful but you have to apply experience.
  13. I prefer yobit. The offers here are more than buy one and get one free. You do not need to buy and be given bitcoin that can be used to trade.
  14. This best time to buy crypto is like now. The price I low but can look not low. The price will soon increase again.
  15. Yes. It is true. Also in another side it is not true because it can be converted to fist and use it to buy or purchase.
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