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  1. There are certain point that you must follow the rules to become the successful trader in the market than you can run as fast as you can in trading but you should follow all the rules in crypto trading.
  2. If you know the market conditions now it is very over bought zone that every coin and also Bitcoin was going up from almost 2 months so it is necessary make some corrections for the healthy growth if bitcoin this is the reason it is going down.
  3. There are many ways that you can find a good way to make profit from the crypto Currency like you can buy some huge coins like litecoin ripple tron and many more coins which will lead you to make good enough money from the investment.
  4. I don't think that Bitcoin will be known as the bubble because those are the only people who calling Bitcoin as bubble are who lost their money in trading and they made mistake and now they are saying that it is a bubble and it will burst in near time.
  5. There is no doubt that cryptotalk is now one of the best crypto forum where we can make good publication related to the crypto world and also we are having a awesome opportunity to earn the good money by sharing our knowledge.
  6. Everyone know that we can't do anything from these free Satoshi so we have to work more hard and we should collect all these Satoshi to make some huge amount of bitcoin that can be used for doing trading .
  7. When i was in my high school I first heard about the bitcoin an crypto currency I took some interest in the crypto and started to earn from few faucets and also joined the airdop where we can earn some free coins .
  8. This happens with me many time and than I came to know that it is just because my post or topic is not fitted in the forum rules and it is violating the cryptotalk forum rules so they were deleting my post which was a right to stop bad things in forum.
  9. I have also face the same issue with me also because many times it shows unable to reply to topic because it might be violating the rules of the cryptotalk forum so the admin deleted that topic so you can't reply to specific topics.
  10. No you can't do that like you are buying a coin in the low price on one Exchange and the price of the same coin is high in the other Exchange and can book your profit but it not than simple because many exchange don't allow the coins to send from one place to another .
  11. Asni said earlier that everything will be lost after few time and we have to just work in the cryptotalk forum and we should not waste our time in searching that when this forum will not pay instead we can work more hard and earn good enough.
  12. There are more than 2000 crypto currency are available in the crypto market and many new coins are daily added in the market so you cannot be authentic about the number so you have to become approximate in number to know more.
  13. Yes there are many more crypto forum like cryptotalk they are bitcointalk altcointalk and many more but usually I use only bitcointalk and cryptotalk and these are the best crypto forum we can earn money from.
  14. Yes your post is very useful to know more about the cryptotalk campaign which is paying around 30000 Satoshi everyday which is almost 2$ and it is quite good amount to get daily so yes it very good opportunity to earn good money.
  15. Yes I have also joined this airdop to get $50 deus coin in their app but we have to keep in mind that it is locked for 3 months which is a good strategy to hold the price if the deus coin.
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