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  1. Hi friend i know the online crypto wallet is now good and it wark batter than bank wallet.I hope both are do good if same work do together.
  2. Hi guys.I do not know about all information as the leader bord.Here a person will selected who make good and shear good information.
  3. I shear my own knowledge and crypto related problem in the main topic.I never shear any link in the forum.I know here not shear any link.
  4. Hi friend i tread many time.But my first tread is btc in 2018.When i study at college.I do not know what is it work.So i lost.
  5. Yes i love crypto currency project specially bitcoin.Because it is the best currency and value of it is good.Many peple investment on it i also.
  6. Hi cryprto is illegal in many country.So there are many reason for illegle.First it price is not fixt.Every country has their own currency etc.
  7. Hi friend forex is not safe place.Many new person lost their own money or invest by forex.So learn and training to make best treaders.I think above teach is good.
  8. Hi crypto is good for future. I think we can do a good think with it.If we invest our money on it.But i do not tell it that it is safe.
  9. Hi friend i do not know it.I see first time it only as btc character then see shatosi is the little amount. I heard shatoti is a person who made it.
  10. I think crypto is new and hope full job in online.If bank creat new crypto than many people come in the crypto.I like the crypto so i think it is good.
  11. Every wallwt is not safe.I think coinbase,blockchain wallet is a safe wallet in online.But hardwere wallet is good for every one.
  12. Hi friend it is good artical.I think we need follow to tread first.In a day many people in online tread many time.But need followed the above rules.
  13. Hi friend i think it is every body problem.I post here more but next day i see some post delete.If adbin see and poblish here only good post than it the main solution.
  14. Yes but in yotube many bad person hake many money shear many wrong video and it delete.Now it's ok to shear good video as crypto.
  15. I like the reputation program in the forum.I think it help a user to make good post and shear good knowledge each other.I like it and i do a good think in the forum.
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