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  1. Of course, if in fact if you know how to manage your time and talent up to a lot of money, generally the best way is by making investments, there are other ways but it takes much longer one of the ways that it helped me was to use the kolotibablo page and request my payments in Litecoin and investing that money in other cryptocurrencies on this same page (cryptotalk) has the possibility of generating certain income
  2. In my case, I have been using Brave for a long time and I do not remember having received any mail that way, usually the reward they give me at the end of each month is to do a captcha type and they give me 1,750 bats, so I take care of myself as you ignore that email
  3. Well, if a constant telegram problem is the constant creation of bots that only want to get some cryptocurrency from you or wasting your time, especially those that offer you automatic payments, I have only worked with 5 telegram bots that really pay and already have years running, it is not to become a millionaire but something you can do in your free hours
  4. Personally, I like binance more for the amount of cryptocurrencies you can work with, I do not mean that coinbase or any of the others are bad applications, others have their advantages, such as the ease they offer to people who They are just starting.
  5. feeel11988

    Is mining dead?

    I share your opinion, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, although it is true that it is usually an unstable market, so is the constant efforts that companies make to improve their software and hardware from all points as security as for mining, not to mention Of the constant launches of new cryptocurrencies in my opinion it is booming and now that it will grow
  6. For this reason I comment that a good way is to use common sense, in the same way your information gives me an idea to make a post about this type of airdrops that you comment, thank you very much
  7. -Never send money to an address for the purpose of participating in an airdrop. The magic of the airdrop is in receiving for free, not in asking for money to make you participate in it. -Always keep control of your private keys, never share them with anyone. -Keep profiles differentiated between your real social networks and those of participating in airdrops. -Don't install third-party apps lightly. Always check that the software is safe and that it is not a malicious application. At the very least, use an antivirus to keep you safe. -And finally the best way is to use common sense.
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