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  1. 266/5000 This is one more of the millennium job trades. The proliferation of digital media for the communicational projection of any company or business is essential to have the services of a knowledgeable professional in the management of social networks.
  2. htsoto

    ATMs for BTC.

    Actually, the terminology would not be that of ATM Cashier since neither the technology nor the platform corresponds to the traditional ATMs since until now they are only used for the purchase and sale of BTC and not yet dispense fiduciary money
  3. The main thing to learn the Spanish language is to know the pronunciation of the vowels and the alphabet, by knowing the phonetics of each of the letters, the method of reading words in the Spanish language is simply the combination of sounds of each letter that makes it up .
  4. The payment of working hours in Crypto would be active, this allows the worker to make a better investment decision with their salary
  5. The world of Cirptography is very recent despite its years, this has represented a challenge for people who want to learn about the cryptographic subject, since something new appears every day, business models, exchange platforms and new terminology for That is the interesting thing that each publication allows us to enter this world and the more we see we want to continue reading more.
  6. Simply to make a good publication it is necessary to know and know the subject, since it guarantees that what you write is real, and without a doubt it will be easy for you to comment on what you say
  7. It is important to be aware of this information related to cryptocurrencies of very low cost and that could be an attraction to acquire a large quantity, but you must be a market scholar since you look at the behavior of Cryptocurrencies that show a flow of movement very low, which is why the platform sometimes freezes your investment until it really improves its behavior.
  8. Through the forms of investment offered by Yobit, we can obtain great profits in the exchange of currencies by reinvesting the profits in the different pools and mining and investment strategies.
  9. Android emulators for PCs are a good option for when you need to work your smartphone applications in the comfort of your PC, but depending on the capacity of your PC in terms of RAM memory and Graphics card you will obtain good results when downloading certain applications Android, I only recommend it for extreme cases where your smartphone may suffer some damage or loss of it.
  10. 2Captcha is an image, character and CAPTCH recognition service, it is a mechanism to start and get some profit, the work is hard and a bit tedious to reach the recognition goals, I recommend it for beginners
  11. Unfortunately in this platform only two languages are used for the publications, my opinion is that in a global world and especially in the communicational issue there should not be limitations with the language, to allow greater participation in the different forums that are presented
  12. INGLÉS ENGLISH FRANCÉS 899/5000 Los negocios online son rápidos y baratos: Es mucho más económico que un negocio físico, ya que solo debes cubrir los costos de conexión a Internet, la compra del dominio, los costos de diseño y mantenimiento web, y más. barato es mucho más rápido, ya que en un par de días podría tener su negocio instalado en línea. 24 horas al día 7 días a la semana: Tu negocio es accesible en cualquier momento y cualquier día ya que no hay horarios laborales en Internet, el horario comercial desaparece. Total independencia: eres tu propio jefe y tú estableces las reglas en tu trabajo y en tu empresa. Flexibilidad geográfica: puede trabajar en cualquier parte del mundo con la simple condición de que haya una conexión a Internet. Mayor exposición: Personas de todo el mundo pueden visitar su negocio desde una computadora o un teléfono móvil, no hay barrera de espacio.
  13. MakerDAO is a decentralized organization built on Ethereum to enable cryptocurrency lending and lending without the need for an intermediary. MakerDAO consists of a smart contract service that manages loans and loans, as well as two currencies: DAI and MKR to regulate the value of loans
  14. 394/5000 The Petro PTR is the only crypto in the world with real and visible backing in Oil, Gold and other mineral resources that the country has. Currently this Crypto is accepted in China, Russia, India, and Turkey, the current movement in these markets is surprising, these countries are great powers in trade and so far they have received the real backing of their investment in gold and oil.
  15. Yobit's treatment with the participants in all its promotions and services is excellent due to the diversification of information through its different media such as Forums, Bots and Chat rooms, I hope it continues like this for the good of the whole Yobit community
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