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  1. yobit is really kidding. I have posted more than 100 usefull posts but they are considered abuse. okay the only one cumma hope easycash who doesn't know when to open trading on yobit.
  2. let alone $ 300 $ 3000 can be a breeze. we are still waiting for a new pattern in bitcoin in the bull run position. I predict that in 2021 there will be an alt season like 2017
  3. I think the stablecoin lending is not worth it Why? because the interest is small, I recommend mutual funds because money is safer
  4. looks like you will regret seeing bitcoin today. look at bitcoin forming a new pattern, the bullrun is the same as at the end of 2016 and next year it is very possible to see bitcoin at 100 thousand
  5. it depends. if the market is stable it is very easy to look for profits above 100% but if the market is bearish I stop trading.
  6. they are trap tokens. TPT has never been listed on the official market. After all, what is the purpose of making the token for? which is obviously just funny
  7. not only doge. indeed the market is again sideways look bitcoin is rising slowly but bitcoin dominance goes up too. this indicates traders are starting to leave altcoins and prefer trading in bitcoin. We are just waiting for the altcoin season.
  8. because the world's finances are controlled by banks while banks are enemies of crypto. So after all, crypto can't be separated from us because of its efficiency. whereas if you use a bank there will be many problems such as taxes and others.
  9. as long as the digital world doesn't collapse I believe cryptocurrency will last forever. especially now entering the digital world. so lucky you guys who know crypto earlier.
  10. I think less than 1% understand crypto. the proof is that in my class, which numbered hundreds of students, only I knew crypto. and in 1 city I only found 2 people who agree with me.
  11. in my 3 years in crypto The knowledge that I get is that I can understand charts, news, fundamentals and of course know my trading style so I can minimize losses and pay more for profit.
  12. I have known crypto since 2015 but I entered the crypto world starting at the end of 2017 where the price had all peaked. I keep trying until 2019 I can find my trading style and I can consistently profit until now but sometimes loss is also unavoidable.
  13. if I prefer bitcoin. because the future is a digital era ... so investing in bitcoin is the right step, while gold only strengthens during the financial crisis and the supply is unlimited.
  14. throughout my experience from 2015 real airdrop of 2% of the total. if you are a professional maybe you only experience a success rate of paying in airdrops of as much as 30%. because there are lots of hypnotic airdrops but it ends up being a scam.
  15. easy to judge the best. just look at marketcap rankings, familiar developer names and a large community and many others. but as good as research many times before investing.
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