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  1. Nunca he jugado a YOPony pero me gustaría aprender a alguien que me explique por favor
  2. bitTube es una buena manera de ganar cripto, algo parecido a valiente
  3. Me gusta yobit fácil para invertir tu dinero y seguro que lo recomiendo 100%
  4. Recomiendo https://www.blockchain.com muy fácil y seguro para tener tus ahorros
  5. Trezor is a hardware wallet providing advanced security for handling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies private keys. Unlike traditional cold storage methods (offline storage or paper wallets), Trezor makes secure payments without exposing your private keys to a potentially compromised computer.
  6. I frequently use memuplay on my pc, one of the most complete emulators
  7. Mientras trabajaba en varios proyectos de Bitcoin, Vitalik Buterin, un joven programador nacido en 1993 en Toronto, ideó Ethereum. Estaba destinado a ser una plataforma para que los desarrolladores construyeran aplicaciones blockchain, mejorando las deficiencias de la blockchain de Bitcoin.
  8. Prefiero el sistema Android porque puedo colocar mi teléfono como me gusta, pero ambos son buenos
  9. Thank you, I will take it into account to try it
  10. WUIL2123

    Play store

    Si el que uso para descargar videos rápidos y sencillos es bueno
  11. el traductor de google es el mejor, el más rápido y el más fácil
  12. 🚀 Airdrop: GenesisOne 💰 Value: $ 10 👥 Referral: $ 3.5 💸 10 + 3.5 GenOne ⏰ 4 minutes 📖 Step-by-step guide : 1. Talk to the Telegram Bot 2. Join Our Telegram Chat 3. Follow Twitter and Retweet Pin post 4. Follow us on our linkedin and like & share last post:https://www.linkedin.com/company/genesisone 5. Like page, share last post and follow us on Facebook 📃 Information The idea with this ICO is to gradually bring on millions of users globally and we’ve identified key centers we’re going to focus on in terms of major population centers. The lottery allows us to onboard more members globally than simply another cryptocurrency. Bounty page https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5267885.new#new
  13. WUIL2123

    New aidrop

    P2Ploan finance airdrop 💰1 P2PL = 100$ Airdrop Link:https://t.me/P2PL_FINANCE_BOT?start=r0641893234 - Join telegram - Follow on twitter - Complete other task - Submit your details - Done -Additional information Distribution of rewards will follow after the airdrop has finished
  14. Airdrop: Cyphai (cyph.ai) 💰 Reward: 500.000 CYPH 👥 Referral: 5 CYPH 📖 Step-by-step guide: 1. Talk to the telegram Bot 2. Join the Telegram Group:http://t.me/Cyphai 3. Follow Twitter & Retweet 🔭 information: Cyphai is a decentralized Marketplace and a problem solving AI & Machine learning smart contract model.
  15. 💲 3 MYEX [$1.6] + daily 0.25 MYEX [$0.13] + 1 MYEX [$0.5]/ref 👉 Start the Airdrop Bot:https://t.me/MAYAExchangeCryptoBountyBot?start=882ee3bccd ✔️ Join on Telegram ✔️ Register on their Exchange ✔️ Chat daily on Community ✔️ Submit your Details while completing each task ⭕️ Note : Distribution of Reward starts by the beginning of October, 2020
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