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  1. Surveys ask you many personal data, They also require much time to be completed . Usually reward amount is not exciting. In my opinion, it's not worth it.
  2. I' m new in Yobit and I want to know it better. At the moment, the platforms that I prefer are Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex ,Bitstamps.
  3. If the website asks you a deposit before you can begin to earn and if the reward you could earn is huge, it's almost always a scam. You ought to read other users reviews writing on a search engine : Scam or Legit?
  4. You ought to guess, until which limit Bitcoin is going down, before starting a new bull run. When it's near that limit, you've got to buy it,
  5. I've bought, a small Ada's amount, last year. I moved them from the exchange to Daedalus wallet. The problem is that Daedalus wallet requires , in my opinion, a lot of resources. I can't completely sync the wallet and recover my ada. Certainly I hope to have, in the future, a more performing pc or that Daedalus wallet becomes lighter. In the meantime, I hope its price quickly increases.
  6. About 2 years ago, when I was trying to learn , as many as possible, informations about cryptocurrencies, Tron was introduced as a really promising coin. Now , I think, it hasn't had a breakthrough, yet, but, i know, market is still sluggish
  7. My memorable altcoin is ethereum. When I started to be interested in cryptocurrencies, about three years ago, I saw that Bitcoin was highly volatile , apparently for no reason. Instead Eth was more stable. In addition, its blockchain is widespread in many applications.
  8. Who knows ? China commercial power is so strong that nobody might exclude this eventuality. Also a recent BBC business article has treated this problem.
  9. I think that a Libra currency will allow a bigger cryptocurrencies adoption in everyday life, all over the world
  10. I hope that, with the entrance of the institutional investors, more and more numerous, crypto market revitalizes itself and ,finally, altcoin prices, now stagnant, increase, going as rocket, to the moon.
  11. I think I would buy Talk Tokens at $0,001 price.
  12. I think that big investors (The Wahles) control bitcoin and altcoin prices. When they move a big amount of money, selling or buying large quantities of cryptos, they cause an important decrease or increase of prices ,draging also small investors that are , at that moment, in a panic or enthusiastic
  13. Last year, I was victim of digital fraud. It was a website called Bitchoko or something similar. It was based on a Ponzi scheme. The minimum investment was, I remember, 100.000 satoshis. The deposit wasn't recoverable, but, after a few days wait , you could begin to receive the interests (10% daily!). So you could have recovered your money in other ten days. The problem is that the website suddenly stopped to pay , after a few days. So I' ve learned that if a stake is too high, is a scam !
  14. You' ve got to diversify. (It ' s the most frequent advice given to new investors) You' ve got to study the most important and promising projects and choose two or three of them
  15. I love new technologies , but I'm not young anymore. I consider cryptocurrencies a great hobby, but I don't think they will become a full job ,soon.
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