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  1. I believe that in the long term cryptocurrencies will win, but it is true that they should improve the ease of use of wallets, exchanges and other movements that need to be made with cryptocurrencies. But in the long term, I think crypto will win. I do believe that governments are going to develop their own token to be able to control it.
  2. I see it as very unstable to have only cryptocurrency work. It is not yet known how much strength they will have. In case you decide that, you should focus on BTC for stability and other cryptocurrencies as risk. I would not dedicate myself 100% to cryptocurrencies, but I do believe that you have to have a part of the investment in them
  3. I don't think Litecoin will hit $ 1000 for a few years. Therefore this 2020 surely not. If I think that in 5 or 6 years it could be worth 1000 dollars, the great advantage that litecoin has is the speed and the low commission for the transfer. I often use LTC to transfer because the difference with BTC in commissions is very large
  4. Definitely a portion in cryptocurrencies. If you want security, you should have the highest percentage in BTC. But we also have to have a share in some other cryptocurrencies. And always in investments it is convenient to diversify investments, so that part of the savings should be in shares and another in fixed income.
  5. It is not easy to have a constant profit with trading, you have to know a lot and be very patient. The main thing is to know and study a lot the technical analysis, which is basically the analysis of the charts and the behavior of prices. It seems easy, and many want to show that it is easy, but the reality is that it is very difficult to win with trading. You can, but you must study and practice a lot
  6. It is for the same reason that you also lose and gain in stocks or any other market where an asset is exchanged. Whenever there is a buyer there is a seller. Although not always the seller is winning with the sale. The reasons may be many, it may be that he is in profit and wants to take it, but it may also be that he is low and does not want to continue losing. But there are always winners and losers, and some days you will be on one side and others on the other.
  7. I am interested in arbitration but I have not tried yet. The issue is that the difference is minimal and you have to be very clear about the commissions. Otherwise the arbitration may be lost. And in Argentina, where I live, the commissions are not low. But the whole mechanism to do it is very interesting.
  8. I have a low percentage invested in cryptocurrencies. Within this percentage, I have 50% in bitcoin and the other 50% distributed among various cryptocurrencies. The projects that I like the most are ENJ, DATA, SNT and the cryptocurrencies CRO and CHSB, which could follow in the footsteps of the BNB token and are worth very little compared to the latter.
  9. If we talk about importance, I don't think that bitcoin stops being the most important cryptocurrency ever. In capitalization it may be that some cryptocurrency will pass it at some point, but I don't think so. I think it will always be number 1
  10. I think it can reach 400k, but in the span of 5 to 10 years. It all depends if the bitcoin becomes of massive use in the population. Today let's think that we have a very small percentage of the world population that uses and saves in cryptocurrencies. When the population adopts it as one more asset, it has no limits.
  11. Without a doubt, bitcoin is going to survive the crown. On the contrary, all cryptocurrencies benefit from the virus since it allows transferring money in a matter of minutes from one wallet to another anywhere in the world. Let's compare how long it takes to send money through traditional means compared to cryptocurrencies. Not to mention the commissions
  12. Another cryptocurrency that burns when its price drops is CHSB. The strategy basically aims to lower the supply so that the price rises due to the lower supply and, consequently, higher demand. I consider that it is a very good strategy since in the long term it maintains the value of the cryptocurrency
  13. There is no answer to when is the best time to buy cryptocurrencies. A good strategy is to make staggered purchases to avoid sharp declines, and if they occur, average the price down with each subsequent purchase. It is a basic strategy that is also used in stocks but applies to any asset.
  14. Some cryptocurrencies are going to fall to values close to 0, to avoid that we have to investigate the project that supports the cryptocurrency. A good project hardly loses value, but there are many cryptocurrencies that are created without a clear objective. And those cryptocurrencies are destined to have a price close to 0, which is like disappearing.
  15. As in all investments, you should not put all the capital in the same asset. And less in cryptocurrencies where volatility is very high. In addition, it must be diversified with other types of assets that are not cryptocurrencies. In this way, if an asset goes down, we can have other opportunities with the other assets.
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