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  1. You don't need to do anything for reputation. Reputations are given by another user. They will react if they like your post or comment
  2. I participate in all subjects that are in EnglishPerhaps in your opinion there are unhelpful topics
  3. There are numerous learning websites online but most of them are fake. Crypt is the only website where the work is very easy and very profitable.
  4. It's more like a gambling. Because there is no guarantee that you will win every time. I have already lost a few amount of money playing this dice game.
  5. The all airdrops are not profitable and trustable. Some of them are given more profit and some of them are also scam. Much airdrops are a easily way to earn profit fastly without anything doing
  6. all users should read this tips. before replying to any topic, you should really know the topic in order for you to create useful post
  7. This is normally to happen, that's is when you are reporting others people post because they are useless
  8. They have to be fair to the members. If any reports are received then they have to investigate first before going in to conclusion and take actions
  9. Storage and investment are almost the same, an investment is a purchase with the further purpose of selling for a large amount
  10. There is no shortcut for being rich in so short time because every business take time and hard work likewise crypto got the same situation
  11. I would choose usd because the number of Bitcoins are limited and the price of it changes time to time. On the other hand,usd or paper money is used in every country
  12. I bet the publish in which we comment is deleted by way of the moderators due to some violation that now and again we do not word like instance is copy paste posts
  13. This us a good point that should be known by all because people starts panic if they do not receive the payment within some time which is very less. The miners verify and confirm all the payments
  14. Digital currencies are the future and will remain forever. Investing in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and others can make unprecedented profits
  15. Two great cryptocurrencies hehe, however the 2 have their pros and cons when working with them.
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