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  1. It depends on the quality of the content and if the post is useful and informative. that post deserve a good rating for the effort of those members who share their knowledge in the community.It is also our duty to rate the good content with positive rating of some member's post.
  2. That's right, my friend. giving knowledge and taking knowledge are both important to benefit all of us in the community. Share your experience with others so that other members learn. and gain knowledge to make meaningful posts ans useful post to share with others.
  3. thanks for the recommendation i will be careful before posting in the sections.
  4. i usally use Yobit is a grat exchange i can buy and sell coins very easy and simple i am new making trade enjoy Yobit is profitable with my digital assets how ever i often use Binance . both are good Exchange but i prefer Yobit
  5. Yes my friend you right the most import is the security.faster transfers no matter.
  6. What little I know is that they are de-centralized finances where we take smart contract and link it with our ERC20 wallet in this case of the Etherscan Ethereum network. If they are something new and what I know is that the Fees are a little high.
  7. Surely Yobit is a good and graet exchange and I have realized that it has many more new coins, I do not know which one to choose, although I keep yobit token and Yoda could have more volume later, for now I will be trading and Playing with Dice Game or Investbox . it seems that it is a way to earn profit in the Exchange.
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