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  1. The euro has been supported by ECB meeting last week's which was not negative in accordance with market expectations and saw further support due to the rise in the selling on the dollar following the improved risk appetite. Eurozone inflation fell to its lowest level in more than four years, falling to a more negative than expected in September, which in turn led to heightened fears of a deflationary spiral caused by the Covid-19 . Consumer prices in 19 euro-sharing countries fell 0.3 percent year-on-year in September and 0.1 percent on a monthly basis, according to the EU Statistics Office Eurostat.
  2. Eur/CHF: Bullish (buy) EurCHF: The pair is rebounding from the maximum support of 1.05023 levels and therefore it is preferable to buy from those levels according to the conditions to be mentioned: EurCHF respects the levels of support indicated and rises every time it reaches it where there are candles (Price Action) represented by candles indicating the ascent appear on time frame four hours and the hour and with a very strong selling saturation when Stockastic Oscillator and RSI | Mention it above and take a buy back from another support level at 1.05023-1.06005 The condition of the appearance of purchase signs and the areas specified is not a pending order but areas that can reach the price and then bounce and rise with the appearance of signs of buying or selling for example saturations or fluctuations or price action etc... Personally, I prefer to buy more than sell and targets on gart and with the closure of part of the contract in case of profit.
  3. The yellow metal continues to rise and breaks through the resistance 1913 on the four-hour chart, waiting for the four-hour candle to close above this level, and therefore the next target will be the 1924 display area, which it failed to break last week. But if it does not succeed in closing above the four hour candle, I think it will drop to re-test the 1896 support. Waiting for Fed Chair Powell Speaks. Let's wait and see what happens.
  4. Before Bitcoin was released, there were a number of digital cash technologies starting with ecash by mathematician David Chum in 1987, and Stephen Brandes in 1997 Adam Buck developed hashcash, a proof-of-work against spam. . From 1998-2005, WeDee launched the idea of decentralized cryptography. Nick Zuber developed the "bit gold" project, which is a digital currency based on decentralization, such as using many elements that we find in Bitcoin, and this system has been subjected to a strong attack.
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