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  1. It is safe if you are securing it and not a careless person. every user now in crypto are multiple their securities because there are too many scammers around and they already know that this scammer are not just normal scammers. so they make a hard time to secure it all.
  2. How much this true? maybe it cost even a whole house, as for me. because crypto is our freedom money. no one is going to control us by having many of this and the price is really huge to achieve by one coin only. so it is a bright future right? then we couldn't ask for more uses but the price only. so use bitcoin and have it as much as you want.
  3. I have 1 dream only, that the bitcoin price will be acceptable in small stores not only in big companies but also in stores local. many stores here in my country don't know even small information about bitcoin. so it is more easier to use and to pay anywhere you are. if that will come I will use bitcoin anytime and anywhere.
  4. If affects my life by using it everyday, i am depending on crypto now, i am working by accepting crypto as payment and finding some extra income in crypto. our daily life will be change and know more about technologies and how it improves. it is not just making money for a little reason, we are earning to help the future by spreading how crypto actually works and how people have benefit on it.
  5. I will still invest, how would i back my lost if i give up too early? but if i lost more than 5 times maybe i will gave up. because losing too much money is really annoying and it is not helping you to achieve what you want in crypto. so that learn more tricks and have some more information on what you doing so that failing is not always happening.
  6. I am sure that ranking is really important, because we can see how much volume, in or out in this day and investors read it to calculate the balance of the coin and how much is already buy and sell. they are also using it to analyze a movement of a price, without ranking we can't read the market price movement and there are few predictions only to share.
  7. jekjekey

    Why Panic

    I like this way of promoting a coin, but everybody here will not easily trust other coin or on that day that bitcoin price is over $18k. every body is focus on top 5 coins only and they invest their money to this coin in cycle to that they will not lost huge amount. you idea was good but i will prefer to use yobit and convert my btc to usd or yobit stable coin.
  8. This site is active more than many years and many users now prove that they are fair for paying users for referrals and playing their games, but it is not enough for one day, i play it myself and i earn a little amount of satoshi only and many people now have the account on this site. so you cant have more referrals. so better to have more bitcoin income than this.
  9. So soon, because there are a lot of projects there working more to surpass bitcoin they are never stop showing to all that there will be one coin will kill bitcoin. but now that rate are too low to tell that there it is, but for sure it will come in time. let's witness that new start coin that will surpass everything in bitcoin and make a new history in crypto era.
  10. Each of everyone here now earning in cryptotalk, we should do now is give it back to them the benefit by posting some useful information and our helpful experiences. we need to do it day by day so that every new user will also learn from us. we are happy all because of cryptotalk and we need to work hard so that cryptotalk will happy to us too.
  11. It be like a beautiful disaster, at first they will banned crypto in too many countries but people will not stop to like crypto because crypto is more like important to them so government will make a way to get peoples trust back and they choose crypto for it. so in the end crypto will be acceptable everywhere and our future will depend on it at all time.
  12. Yes, if you know bitcoin you can't imagine how more profit it will give to you. the price of bitcoin is more than what you expected and at that rate it will give you a massive earning in just a months if you know some strategy on how to earn it. just make sure you know everything before entering the fight so that the risk it given will not hit you so hard.
  13. You are right to that, crypto is not only for earning money and wasting a time to learn it. it is a better solution for everyone in future, this technology like blockchain thats support crypto is very important to us to transact faster and safer. we need it than E wallet they made for us, crypto is more valuable than E wallets. hopefully they accept crypto in many sites and stores.
  14. I am not blaming my self that more because that struggle gives me experience to learn more about trading and investing. don't blame yourself for that such thing because it help us ti improve our perspective in our way here. so be grateful you learn some experience here, just don't invest all your funds in a single trading or investing in project.
  15. In my own opinion they banned it because they can't control bitcoin, they can't handle the people if bitcoin will use everywhere in asia, every country in asia want to own crypto or bitcoin itself and not just asia but all government. the government itself don't want bitcoin because they don't want half of their people out in poverty, the freedom is problem there, that's why they don't want to legal it.
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