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  1. The community is considering the BetCrypt365 Partnership Proposal now. Tonpartners have even made a quick analysis of this partner. => https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UfNPJFcE9eZ8E02UoP3ZAjC-cdN48uHG/view?usp=sharing what do you guys think? Can Free TON attract new community members from the Gambling industry?
  2. Two submissions have been added by the Free TON Soundtrack Contest although there are 23 days left. I think we are gonna form a nice playlist by the end of the contest) to find out mire, click here)
  3. Turkey is a huge country and there are lots of potentials members of our community and investors. But as long as the community has doubts as to the trustworthiness of the future SG members, this DAO shouldn't be formed.
  4. If you wanna become a Free TON developer, then you should take part in the DeEducation Contest During the contest you will have team managers and teachers who will teach young devs smart contracts, debots and other Free TON technologies! And then you will present what you've learned during an AMA-session. The best students will become part of the Free TON Developers' team!) https://academy.gov.freeton.org/proposal?proposalAddress=0%3A2569d8318432e1dbc10c7b106c7eea77be37c3dfd9ed0588604458b3a4fae9e8
  5. TrueNFT Smart Contract Informal Audit Contest is on now! If you have a solution, you are welcome to submit your contest work in the governance section! https://formet.gov.freeton.org/proposal?proposalAddress=0%3Afad8efb6b82a8b321d8b4ce424c8e3362d2de5f96e1df9d702f18bb2d34c6b6f
  6. A new article about the NFT platform TonPunks.com was posted on nft-ton.con (the 4th prize winner in Web & Design DeSupport for websites Contest) Check it out! => https://nft-ton.com/2021/09/10/tonpunks-com-the-first-nft-punks-collection-on-free-ton/
  7. Dear community, I remind you that DeCourses Contest Stage 2 is on now! If you have an idea of an educational course about Free TON, this contest is for you! Find out more about the rules in the governance interface
  8. A New Partnership Proposal: Free TON and Gambling games BetCrypt365 BetCrypt365 - A promising Telegram casino project with slots from various gambling providers (Igrosoft, MegaJack, RedPipe …), sports betting, fast live games, horse racing and dog racing and Covid betting. https://forum.freeton.org/t/free-ton-and-gambling-games-betcrypt365/11651
  9. New Contest Proposal: Rollup Verification Support Participants are expected to introduce the way to efficiently verify EdDSA over Ed25519 signatures with the newly introduced VERGRTH16 instruction to make it possible to verify outside protocols zk-rollups inside the TVM. https://forum.freeton.org/t/contest-proposal-rollup-verification-support/11650
  10. The members of Influencers SubGovernance posted the report on the work done by their DAO within the second quarter of the year. You are welcome to discuss it on the forum!
  11. True NFT Stage 0 Formal Verification Proposal The contestants shall provide the informal audit of the central True NFT smart contracts (the content of true-nft-core directory), hereinafter referred to as “smart contracts”, where the detailed description of the “informal audit” is described below. All debot contracts are excluded from the present contest. https://forum.freeton.org/t/true-nft-stage-0-formal-verification-proposal/11635
  12. Proposal: Big NFT fair Stage 1: Attracting talent Now we have ready-made NFT marketplaces. And so, it’s time to focus on them. It’ time to come and buy your first NFT! New Year is coming soon! Let’s make an NFT gift to our nearest and dearest) Let’s make Free TON marketplaces popular and high-traffic platforms! https://forum.freeton.org/t/proposal-big-nft-fair-stage-1-attracting-talent-nft-1/11646
  13. TonConnect by SVOI.dev - FreeTON webpage connection for browser extensions With the launch of a new product - TonPunks.com, we decided to support not only TONWallet, but also the very popular Crystal Wallet from Broxus. In the process of creating this product, it was also found that not all browsers can “run” the FreeTON WASM module, so we also implement the TonBackendProvider internal module which allows you to receive data from smart contracts without using the WASM module at all. https://forum.freeton.org/t/tonconnect-by-svoi-dev-freeton-webpage-conncetion-for-browser-extensions/11623
  14. 💎⚡️Token distributions is on the way Today, September 3, is going to be distributed 3 014 360 TONs for the previous accepted proposals: 🏢Sub-governances 💎#195 Analytics & Support Subgov Next Token Request 💎#194 Formal Methods Subgov Stage 1b Token Request See here👇 The table
  15. Thoughts on how to strengthen global governance (and the whole network) from Alexander Filatov Read it on the forum https://forum.freeton.org/t/thoughts-on-how-to-strengthen-global-governance-and-the-whole-network-from-alexander-filatov/11616
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