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  1. You see how they are duping people and I hate this kind of sites because they created it to cheat people around them
  2. Mining can be started in your home if you are serious in investment and ready to make more money in it
  3. Yea, the mining can kill your computer and this isn't easy at all because it can cause the computer to die easily
  4. You don't need to depends on graphics card because you system is at risks as well, there are other things you need to consider
  5. And you need to consider the electricity consumption of the wallet, this will make it quiet easy for you to know it
  6. Voida

    Mining on VPS

    Hmm,, that very bad about it, why will they blocked the vps of other people this isn't fair at all
  7. They can't continue mining if their country has banned their country because it will be against their laws
  8. Voida

    Is mining dead?

    Mining isn't dead, but there are many people into Mining and they are gaining more profits in it
  9. They are not the best and you should not considered investing in your funds on them because they can disappoint anytime
  10. Mining is still profitable at if you know your ways of mining and how you can mine the best coins
  11. Mining isn't that profitable like Trading, mining need maintenance and need you to have much needs to it
  12. There are many sitee which can help in calculating the mining rewards and you will know how much you are earning
  13. The referral program seems to be scam and this aren't good at all, there are many ways to know if the coin is not legit
  14. That will be a good one to mine and you will benefit from mining from it, this will serve as an advantage to you
  15. You need to leave it for a long term investment if you want to benefit from bitcoin mining because isn't that easy at all
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