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  1. I do not like gambling, and I donโ€™t think anyone will win from them. In the first, offers are proposed to us in order to deposit them. Then profits are distributed to us in the first days, but all are gathered without anyone knowing, so we may enter into losing deals one after the other, and this means that we will get our money back, but we will go bankrupt at the end.
  2. The Internet is starting to bring in many cybercriminals of every shape and type. Each one of them has what distinguishes him from the others. Some of them specialize in security and protection, some of them specialize in swindling and forgery, and some of them are professionals in crimes only verbally. Also, the dark internet has become much larger than the regular internet. What are the ways to fight the spread of this phenomenon. Is there a law that protects us from fraud and fraud?
  3. There are many sites that provide us with the same services, and they all say they are the best. I personally suffer while performing a specific operation. Often an imposter intervenes, the only need we must have is trust. The offers also contribute to expanding the scope of the market and by bringing in many people.
  4. Yobit provides all what you need in the cryptocurrency market, in addition to being a trading platform, there is a faucet in which you can get several free currencies, each of which is collected separately and for a certain time. The platform also provides a mutual fund that contains several currencies as well. Not only this, but there is also the mining option that has been added recently. And do not forget the gambling games in which we often lose our money, and the airdrops from which we win a lot.
  5. After the last epidemic pandemic that struck the entire world. We found that India is one of the most severely affected countries, as it is not only invaded by the virus, but also suffering from a severe economic and social crisis, to the point that the matter has become out of control. Feldalk decided an association specializing in the digital economy. To take care of more than 200 poor families from the rural world who do not have a stable income, unless the situation is alleviated. And for everyone who is interested and wants to donate, even if it is $ 0.05, send it in the form of Bitcoin at the following address: 36hyXB7DmZX9FqdLWbzGEj5Lb1mBv9GkPy
  6. I am not an iPhone or iOS user, and I am not interested in them in the first place. Because their system is very complex, and it is still lacking in several advantages, I work on Indroid, it is easy to use, it can install anything on it and share it, and it provides many advantages that are not in other operating systems.
  7. I am a new trader on a platform. I heard that pump happens every week and most of my trades are in it in the long run. Is changing the characteristics in the short term good and profitable, and profit margin can be achieved from it? Share your suggestions in the comments
  8. There are some new token that appeared on a group of social media sites, wanting to get a greater number of votes to enter them to certain platforms, where you start collecting a lot of religious visitors who do this process in exchange for a percentage of the token. Is this in the interest of the platform?
  9. What do you think about making Bitcoin a unified real currency around the world, recognized by all governments and used in all markets, Do you agree with me? Your suggestions are important for us to start the campaign.
  10. Usually I do not work in such sites because I have problems not counting offers despite their completion. However, I prefer more trading because it has better profits and without wasting time. Do you agree with me, please reply to me in the comment below
  11. Yes, this is true, the yobit platform has received a bad reputation in recent years due to its availability of several fake currencies that are being promoted. Fraudsters have made millions of dollars in this way, and we do not forget that the platform played an important role in this when it helped them in their actions, it had to It does the same as the binance platform, choosing only the good coins.
  12. I use the etherscan site, it shows us all the currencies that we have on the myetherwallet, metamask or trust and other ERC20 wallets, as it has the price of each currency, in addition to general information about all the tokens that operate on the Ethereum system, and we do not need every time to enter our wallet To lose or retrieve it if we erase it.
  13. I like very much like these sites that pay us free money. There are many different offers from which you can collect a lot of money. Profit from ad clicks, polls, microservices and video viewing. And since you are the executive director of this project, I have an important question about the future of the site, what is your vision for the future, knowing that similar sites are fraud.
  14. Hmida44

    ATMs for BTC.

    I also heard that some countries have taken the initiative to place ATMs in some markets and streets, and this is to facilitate after financial transactions and bring electronic services closer to citizens, and this also contributes to the local economy of the state.
  15. We see the threat from sites like this invading the virtual world, so all people are now creating their own transfer sites, but this does not mean that most of them are honest, as the most popular is the one that is often the best among them, as it usually provides several services, including multiple digital currencies in it and multiple payment methods , And the short transmission time. Also, choosing very low deduction fees is included in the diary of individuals who want to work on it. And the only thing that pushes it to continue further is to pump a large amount of cash on it.
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