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  1. Trust wallet, my etherum wallet, blockchain,coinex, this is the most easiest wallet in my opinion, you can choose any one of them and staking your coins
  2. The world economic have more effective on price of bitcoin and other currencies, the postion of the world if it was peace or not also have an effect on price
  3. I discove coins that will be successful in the future by making search about currency project and try to understand how they work on the project, after that I decide to buy or not
  4. Really working on this site takes a lot of time although if you are bignner becuase you should have to learn How to work and knowledge the term to successful working
  5. I dont advice you to get free coins from yobit, it is too low value, instead of that try to get free coins by latest trusted airdrop.or by doing simple tasks on special sites with free coins, good luck
  6. Personally I dont know How to use binance in Exchange and trade, it is unsuitable for me, I use instead of it Yobit ( my favorite website)
  7. Really, I am happy with this news if it well be done soon, I wish to including more than one currency in paypal payment system
  8. The thing most important that you should ask trusted people about reliable website for trading and also sure by yourself on Youtube or google about the sites before starting
  9. In the past year in January I bought 30000 xrp at price 0.20$, and until yet is still ranged from 0.20 to 0.30. I dont know why their coins dont fly as all people said
  10. How I can playing this game, any one can giveme more information about it, I love intellegience games, really made me feel better
  11. I think that Trx or xrp currency will be a higher price than bitcoin or Etherum but this will happen in along time approximetly 20 years
  12. I need 2000$ to start working in the world of crypto, especially in trading bitcoin and staking currencies which has price not more than 1$ in the present value
  13. Your posts will be deleted if it was not useful or repeated or have less than 100 letters, the thing most important is that your comment on any post should be related with the main topic.
  14. In my opinion , always if you want to earn money from currencies, you have to buy it when it is listed on binance firstly, not late after 1 years when be listed
  15. I think that bitcoin will hit 20 k and even more but not in this month, at least at the end of this year, so if you have btc for staking dont sell them, be patient and wait
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