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  1. Of course, you can always win or lose money ... that is, when buying or selling cryptos ... in this case BTC if the currency goes down, you lose (potentially, you only lose if you sell the btc to your fiat currency ..
  2. There is only one way and it by a app called pi network and apple don't allow you to do mining cause mining require a high end pc and pc are incomparable to iphone
  3. Nour11

    PI-Mining App

    I'm actually using it and already some people are getting applied for kyc I advice all really to go there you will get the token for free and without hard work
  4. You can try out gameloop it's a emulator by tencent company it's a lite emulator so it work on lowest power
  5. I trade on forex trading it's a fast and secure way to do it and it has a mobile app so I can trade on the go
  6. Yes I would like a app to be available for crybto talk the website is actually very laggy and unusable on mobile phones
  7. I see that no website can be trusted so I always use something like your browser to protect my privacy but some thing can be trusted like google and facebook
  8. Hey I just wanted to know your opinion on tech do you think Life with tech is good or bad and why for me I see that life with tech better cause now earth is like a room you can contact anyone
  9. Hey I just wanted to ask what is your best messaging app and why mine is telegram I use it lot and what I like that it sync my data so for example if I got new device I can login and see my old messages and also I can login with lot devices at same time
  10. Hey I just want to ask how can I mine from home and how to start from zero what is the best graphics card for mining especially if my country can't get mining graphics cards thanks for helping
  11. In your opinion what do you think is the best game wether it's on android or iOS or windows or even ps and xbox for me it's assassin's creed and tomb raider cause this games are actually awesome
  12. Nour11

    What to play?

    Actually you can try among us with friends it will be fun I'm sure Also you can try a new game just made about a week ago named genshin impact it's actually good game and only 12 gb Also you can try rocket league wich is free on epic games right now and it is good game
  13. In financial markets, trading refers to the buying and selling of securities, such as the purchase of stock on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
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