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  1. That's right, I have a precente phrase every day! There is no good rise without a good fall, bitcoin will reach and pass its historical maximum and in a not too distant time.
  2. If many positive comments about cryptotlk and yobit, start and learn to value what you read that way you can access a more glorious understanding and in the process start generating your first income
  3. It is the most reliable currency, the first one that reached its maximum peak this year a few days ago, investigate, see its ballity, it is the most profitable when investing
  4. I totally agree with everything I read here, it is very good to look for multiple options and one of those is yobit, they recommended it to me and I started in both yobi and cryptotalk to be able to do and learn with bitcoin
  5. I believe that we must wait for btc to have a drop again to be able to acquire fractions, leave it saved because with its rise you will only earn a very good% and with respect to that there are many options on the internet to generate small fractions if you do not want to invest.
  6. I am a newbie but I have read and I am learning a lot in this new world, so far from what I have seen the most profitable is done by professional traders, I am initially trying to generate small profits in bitcoin by staking.
  7. I made 103 posts which have been verified or verified 43 and there is only one day left until the end of the launch of free dollars, someone knows why the numbers are different from the cryptotalk post to the page if someone who leads more time here you can explain.
  8. I use wombat I love it, I started using it through the ECOIN platform but then I realized all its functions and the great variety of interfaces that this wallet has, such as games to generate profits, gambling, its speed when it comes to transactions is fast , I love WOMBAT, and I highly recommend it.
  9. I consider myself lucky to have entered this great world of diversity of cryptocurrencies, I consider myself lucky to be able to be part of all this and also gain experience in buying, selling and investing. THIS WORLD IS GREAT
  10. The trend is up, so the books say, the experts, the people who know, but in my particular opinion, the bit coin can go up to 300% and more hopefully so, but we also have to know that if they connect it with the dollar, definitely not there I think that the bit coin passes 12k, in that case I go for gold. Now they can connect many new things with the bit coin to keep it and even make it go up, many mining companies have been leaving the bit coins quiet for a sale because it seemed that the bit coin was falling to 7k but it was seen that it was not going that way now It is when there is more insecurity, it is not known where it will shoot but the trend is up
  11. That's right, I agree with your post, I can also add my opinion, first the best way at the beginning is to try to educate yourself financially with all the material that exists on the internet. Every so often, air launches of many new companies are coming out where you have to take advantage of that moment, a clear example is free dollar yobit.
  12. I have my views on which currencies can be targeted thinking about the future, if it is true that the most powerful, the first is and was bit coin, but since it is everything that is being renewed and new ones are coming out, I have in my portfolio three cryptos for which I would continue to buy and look for options to have more profits TRX, LITECOIN and ETHEREUM, the TRX for its value underweight its future potential I dare to say that it is the new bit coin.
  13. I think that when one begins to obtain followers it is because they adequately make their post on any topic that is discussed here, also to be able to make every chord, and know how to be deciphered if it is a copied and pasted topic or is really a post created by someone with real knowledge. and it is also true that to follow and sometimes more important than to get followers whenever the point of view is carried out the task that is discussed or required Both people and those who have been around for a long time until we new ones can help each other to be able to carry this forward since I find it very interesting what is said and what can be learned apart from obtaining profits, the ideal would be to continue traveling the same boat so that we can all be part of this great community of learning and wisdom. We can all follow each other, we can all help each other, that would be the ideal because we all started in the same way.
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