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  1. What good information for all members not only for beginners this information is not useful for everyone in general beginners have to follow the rules to have a long stay in the forum
  2. You see fewer posts in yobit because in yobit the posts that delete you do not appear, you have to make your posts with useful information following the rules so that the moderators do not delete them
  3. Because Bitcoin was the first Cryptocurrency that entered the trade in 2009 and since then its value has risen a lot, all the people who are in the world of Cryptocurrencies want to have Bitcoin
  4. Binance is the most complete exchange at the trading level, it is very safe, easy to use, you can exchange your Cryptocurrencies for your local currency through the p2p option, its volume of transactions is the largest in the world. I recommend it
  5. If you are right, the conversation token has been falling in price for three weeks, it is worrying but I have faith that the cryptotalk team will do something about it so as not to let the token reach very low levels in its price and rather rise
  6. I believe that the posts of the older members are of great help for all the beginners, the knowledge that you obtain with each topic that they share is very good.
  7. I agree with you if you want to last a long time in cryptotalk follow the rules do not ruminate because you will have problems with your account and it may be prohibited do not copy and paste the comments of another member be legal and you will have a good future in cryptotalk
  8. Welcome cryptotalk friend in the right place to get knowledge about the world of Cryptocurrencies follow the members who have experience because from them you will learn a lot in the forum, you follow the rules and don't screw them up and you will be fine. Success
  9. The time to trade is when the currency has a lot of supply and demand so that it has a lot of volatility to be able to have good profits if there is no volatility you will have very little profit
  10. You are right the topics have to be well designed with simple words easy to understand that are useful information for everyone and thus all obtain the benefit of the knowledge of that publication
  11. Yobit is an excellent, very safe and reliable exchange, what I like the most is that it is very complete and easy to use for all its users, as well as having many options to win
  12. Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos con todos los miembros del foro. Con su experiencia y conocimiento, you to continue doing things well. Thanks with all my heart
  13. You are right, I follow the members to receive benefits from them with their publications, obtain knowledge of each topic or comment that they share and thus know a little more about this World every day from the hand of the members who have more experience
  14. I believe that Bitcoin this month will place new historical prices and that is what the graphs say, but be careful with the whales because they can make the price go down again
  15. Every day more users join cryptotalk is because it is the best place there is to learn and win I have friends who spend most of the day talking about cryptotalk in they get to know this forum after they do not want to leave their community is fantastic
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