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  1. i want to start copying professional trading but i don't know which platform is best for covesting?
  2. I use a technique by exchanging my coins on pancakeswap and I watch it on the bogged site, I make quick agreements and I earn well
  3. trading requires patience and analysis and of course money, when you are not able to analyze, you win by luck not by patience, if I invest my money in an agreement without knowledge that does not mean that I lost but that means that I decided to risk, the problem is when we enter this field even if we are not patient we become patient because we are not able to quit
  4. my experience does not date back long! I try to learn how to analyze on my own because listening to the analysis song of each analyzer is lost, so the best way is to learn by yourself to judge if the method is effective or not without forgetting that it becomes our responsibility to make others feel guilty
  5. it means that the robot which carries out the trading! but it's much safer to have your account manned by real professional traders! Even so, you need to contain the knowledge of which PAMM accounts can produce the highest profits! many platform offers it
  6. sikaup

    Trading as Group

    I don't have any information on this subject but I think it's an excellent idea because the more we invest pls we earn that's the rule, if someone knows a method to do it help us to do it or offer us the method or platform that offers this kind of techniques
  7. the percentage of completion of the analysis is too low, I often lose when I follow it, I prefer to use the old method of buying when it goes down and selling when it goes up, because it is the whales that manage the not walk the candles
  8. you watch the market fall and buy yourself then you watch the market rise and sell you must not be greedy as soon as the goal is reached sell even if it continues to rise
  9. bitcoin is the grandmother of crypto, she is the first to appear and it is she who will always guide crypto, if it dies all trading dies
  10. it will surely reach it as soon as this drop stops, it is at $ 22 in these circumstances so by the time the improvement it will be there
  11. one who has little experience in trading should not play with suspicious tokens, but with crypto known as BTC and ETH we do not risk anything
  12. yes of course but you have to be really patient especially when the crypto currency goes down with your investment
  13. Actully it's either you double instantly or you double after 1 year, cryptocurrency is unpredictable but a currency like BTC manages the market, it will go up sooner or later even if it goes down at a certain time
  14. they tell us to stay on the news but in reality nobody knows the direction of the crypto that's why we must opt for short-term deals, as soon as the price starts to increase I buy and I sell at 15% back
  15. on the other hand if you had to keep the BTC until 2021 you will now be rich! it's $ 40,000
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