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  1. I think that between the profit / time balance, it is very worth it, and also that more and more you are learning other things about cryptocurrencies that you can put into practice elsewhere. My opinion is also to dedicate enough to the forum but without closing to other things, thus maximizing learning and profits.
  2. My first wallet was on the blockchain, the official website and to this day I still have it. However, I no longer deposit in it, a little because it does not have many currencies and because of the commissions but it is very easy to use and it seems very safe to me, it relied a lot on blockchain.
  3. At the moment I reinvest them to gather a bit more and then make a holding, and after a few years the bitcoin will be worth a lot and everything collected will multiply and I will enjoy the profits, that is my idea.
  4. I think that higher education is more feasible, starting with careers like economics and computer science, it would be great to see. From there, this technology would be normalized, and today's generation is very eager for new technologies, I think it would be very good for them.
  5. It is true that freebitcoin is a good faucet but I believe that in coinpot you earn more in less time, since as you have different faucets, then you can change them all to bitcoin and you do a lot, also the claim time is less and they also give you coinpot tokens which you can also exchange for bitcoin.
  6. I think that the decentralized feature of bitcoin makes it difficult to control, in addition to that at the beginning it gained a bad reputation because it was used for illicit things and since it is difficult to track it was excellent for those purposes. I think that governments are gaining more and more trust and it is a matter of time for everyone to adopt it.
  7. At the moment I mainly have bitcoin and binance coin, they are the ones I use in the exchange to invest but my favorite is dogecoin is that I love it, the meme dog is adorable. I always hope its value goes up, the doggy coin is great.
  8. You might be better off switching bitcoins to another currency like litecoin or ripple to lower your withdrawal commission fees, thus saving a bit. Also each coin has its minimum withdrawal, these coins that I said have a low minimum to withdraw so it is simple, then you only need the address of your wallet and that's it.
  9. Answering the questions: I have been for about a week because of yobit, I have learned several things about investment and tips so that I do not get scammed, if I do reach 100 useful posts, I have not received any signs of profit and I have doubts about how everything is the checkout process, but I'm fine.
  10. That is not your main way to get income, that it is complementary to an investment, since you will not earn much like that and you will lose a lot of time. The other thing could be to put together all the money earned in airdrops and that to invest it to earn more, but not only with the airdrops.
  11. Change, I think that the time to faucet and depend on dubious airdrop is over, now to win you have to invest, it is a fact. I am in the process of investing but I was able to achieve it thanks to faucet and other things, although I made mistakes I kept something to invest, I also continue in faucet sometimes but it is not the main thing.
  12. In my opinion they are more reliable and you can earn more when the tasks are not so easy to do, thus they filter those who do multi accounts and discredit the airdrop. Change it is good to follow the pages or consolidated companies since they often launch events with rewards such as airdrops or raffles, with some luck you can win.
  13. The best thing is to create your own post, but as long as you follow the rules of the forum and they are useful enough for the community, you must also be constant so that those who follow you see that you upload quality content, so I think you can get followers and reputation as well.
  14. It's true, patience is a virtue, quick wins almost always end badly or are scams. For this reason, caution must be exercised and understand that stable profits are slow but safe, we must not make the mistake of immediacy, let's take this easy and we will generate extra income.
  15. I had understood that the price of bitcoin is based on supply and demand mainly, it has many other factors such as speculation or market sentiment towards the currency, but I think that it is the same people who modulate the price. Another point to take into account are the so-called "whales" that are people with a lot of bitcoin and can greatly affect the market.
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