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  1. The little time that I have been I have seen that it is a good community. You will surely get a nice welcome. I recommend you not to do a lot of spam, they could penalize you.
  2. The version of San Andrés the best. Very good story.
  3. In the part of extensions has a good reputation. Maybe it's not so bad. Find out more about this extension.
  4. rafa31x

    Patadas o Piernadas

    Hahaha what a good meme, that makes me think that a subforum of memes would do very well around here.
  5. With crypto there are always possibilities, however BCN has not had a rise in value in recent months, I see impossible to reach $ 1 soon.
  6. It is not so reliable, Kovrita works as follows; You buy a domain and a cheap script, register a company without capital or anything and finally launch a website as a solid and reliable project. If you are thinking of putting your money in the hands of Kovrita you know what you are risking.
  7. Something very drastic would have to happen for its value to drop that much. It is the best crypto on the market and its value is getting better and better, so that assumption may happen in many many years.
  8. rafa31x

    Dota 2 7.24

    The game has to be constantly updated to balance the champions, the changes have to be good. My favorite line is the jungle, I adapt more to it.
  9. I like to do the publications in the morning, I feel that I have better ideas to publish. And you, what time do you prefer?
  10. If you share tastes and interests with the other person, they can create a bond of friendship. For some reason the forum has the option to add friendships and send private messages.
  11. Jaxx is one of the most popular wallets for PC and mobile, it has extensions for Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Besides the commissions on transactions are small. You can use that.
  12. Even the pages you recommended in your post still pay? Are they faucets?
  13. It's a lot of money, so you could save some to invest online and the other would be charged in physical. The question would be, what is the best way to earn 1 btc in a short time?
  14. In fact there should be an option to block your reputation if the system notices that you are giving too much. I think that you should give reputation to those who deserve it, more effort in the posts and earn it.
  15. I have commented every 10 minutes and I have not had any problems, you have to take a break in each publication so that it is not considered spam.
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