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  1. in theory it would also be a good investment on yobit investbox but the required actions seem a little too demanding the minimum sum of yo tokens for a value of over 3 btc and the total of requests for 3.62 btc is too big I think for most of yobit users...
  2. there are many valid exchanges but unfortunately none at the binance level perhaps the only one that approaches to him is yobit I would also recommend the use of decentralized exchanges such as forkdelta or latoken or idex...
  3. It is true that we must not be discouraged by the first failures, especially in a new sector such as cryptocurrencies, we must persevere until the arrival of success, avoiding repeating the same mistakes made in the past...
  4. at the moment the market continues to be too variable to seriously think about investments the only two valid solutions, at least for me are investing in bitcoin or in stable coin to put on stake...
  5. the Russian part of the forum has more users and many more topics and arguments than the English part and signature campaigns are also available, but lately the English part has improved a lot there are almost exclusively quality posts I hope the signature campaigns arrive also here as soon as possible
  6. a new stable coin based on the eos blockchain? I think there was absolutely no need for a new stable coin lately they are coming out galore, I think two would have been enough for example tether and dai, I'll still have a look out to eosdt for curiosity
  7. we can still mine even from a computer but it must not be our main computer that we use every day but one dedicated exclusively to mining we must take into account the wear and tear, we must leave it on for many hours and obviously overheating as a minimum we need to buy fans additionally, we need to see the power, the productivity compared to the cost of energy
  8. to have competitive machines such as asics or rigs you have to invest a lot and in any case even with the right equipment or even with a shed full of machines you would be able to mine 15 bitcoins per day
  9. in fact I have also noticed that from today it is possible to withdraw token talk and transfer them to yobit, and I did it we must not miss this excellent opportunity to make money through the investbox where no actions are required to earn...
  10. obviously the main objective is to make money in some way, to get altcoins to be exchanged for real money, however in order not to waste time you have to be selective and that is to do those things that require an average time and offer an acceptable profit so I would exclude faucets and airdrops and I would focus on bounties and translations
  11. I also would be interested in a signature here on the forum from what I managed to understand paxful and maybe another signature are available only for the Russian language there is nothing for the section in English?
  12. my favorite dex and forkdelta where I managed to sell tokens that were not listed on any other traditional exchange and to arbitrate between binance and forkdelta that had different prices for the same token, passive income I can do with the defi sites as a compound , aave or make liquidity available on uniswap obviously you need a capital to start with, I have no preferences I use both the dex and the cex
  13. the dexes are a valid alternative to traditional exchanges and they are my favorites as well as not requiring kyc verification you can trade with practically any token by adding them manually starting from the smart contract
  14. at the moment I'm obviously accumulating bitcoin for its potential , then ethereum which is my favorite altcoin, then jrt, pnt, dai and usdt which have all realy high percentages in the staking...
  15. yes I also received the dice tokens but I will not use them to play the data game but I will try to make money by selling them through yobit trading, I hope their value will grow in a short time...
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