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  1. it is absolutely true with the various faucets 3 $ are made in about a month and must being there to click on faucet a lot of time a day, here on the forum with 20 posts that I do in about 3 hours you will earn 3 $ a day and much easier and more convenient and then on the forum you also learn new things
  2. already now there is the new campaign that rewards us with token talks and at the same time with satoshi for posts that receive positive reactions, at the moment no one knows when these campaigns will end we have to follow the posts and announcements of the moderators
  3. there are 50 reactions available daily but if we do them too quickly, one attached to the other or randomly the control software blocks us and we cannot add more for this day, but from the next day 50 will be available again
  4. at the cpu level the best is obviously monero, at the gpu / asics level the best is ethereum however calculates that the gain is about 6 cents a day (at least for me) per unit that mines and that you have to subtract at the end of the month from the eventual gain the cost of electricity for me about 8 $
  5. here on the forum try to reach 100 posts as soon as possible in order to join the pay per post campaign and start earning, on bitcointalk try to make quality posts to get at least a merit and become a junior member (it will still take a month ) so you can participate in bounty campaigns, then do lots of faucets and airdrops, and never stop reading the news and updates here on the forum
  6. then let's do the math you can put 50 reactions a day then 50 tokens then you can do 20 daily posts paid 10 tokens each, so a daily total of 250 token talks but it is not convenient to sell them because the current value is low about 66 satoshi each, it is convenient put them in the yobit investbox, i.e. at 1% interest then 250 to 1% are another 2 tokens that you will earn the next day
  7. actually today there has been a bad decline in the value of bitcoin the causes may have been many probably some whale wanted to change their bitcoins into fiat by placing so many bitcoins on the market and thus causing the value to drop, or a correction was inevitable, I hope that by at the end of the year its value will reach $ 20k
  8. Congratulations on the result achieved it's a nice goal your posts are interesting and useful you are a truly trusted user, keep it up and keep helping others
  9. It was an excellent choice to join the cryptotalk community is one of the best forums in the industry/of the sector there are many others like bitcoingarden and bitcointalk but lately cryptotalk has become the best A true point of reference for beginners who wish to learn more and more about cryptocurrencies
  10. Except for the pay per post campaign, all the other earning possibilities listed are not found on the cryptotalk forum but on the exchange connected to it yobit,i am personally using invest box and trading on yobit, free coins seem like a waste of time
  11. Weekly Report Week # 5 (17/11-23/11) Cryptotalk username: bitcoin-shark Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @Tigre_blu BetFury nickname: sharkz Campaign: Signature Post links 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  12. Obviously, only by writing here for the cryptotalk pay per post campaign or by doing some signature campaigns both here and on bitcointalk you will never become rich you have to take more risks so to have more earnings that translated means you have to practice Trading is the only way to get really rich with cryptocurrencies, Trading can also have a somewhat easy road doing arbitrage or scalping, however it is very risky you have to think well about it first
  13. Obviously the privacy and security of our walet It depends only on us we must jealously guard the private keys I do not even suggest on the computer but really on a sheet of paper and never share them and I said never with anyone when they ask us for example on some airdrop Give me your private key that I send you the tokens is surely a scam jealously keep only for you the private key or the recovery phrase
  14. After being for so long on this forum I feel more and more comfortable and I can extricate myself better and it also became my own little source of income I hope it continues like this I wish Long live to the forum
  15. The Talk token is the main payment token of cryptotalk but I believe it is owned by the yobit administrators, from what I read here on forum is of Steve Kirsch's but I don't know
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