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  1. Point on, man! Trading is not about catching all the opportunities. It is about identifying your edge aka quality setups that match your methodology. The market is an endless stream of opportunities, there is no lack of it, but if you are to eager and can't be patient for the right time you can enter the train of emotions & we all know that is the end of any trader.
  2. ChrisPop

    Online job

    I agree with you, but it depends on what situation is he in. Great things require sacrifices and also we shouldn't forget that there are 24 hours in a day. If you are disciplined enough to keep to a tight schedule it CAN BE DONE! Elon Musk is a good example, but yet.. he is an outlier.
  3. Nobody "must" do something. Nothing is guaranteed in any market, especially in crypto when literally anything can happen. 10-15%/mo are quite huge gains and not many can accomplish that on a regular basis. Remember that consistency is the quality of a great trader. 😉
  4. I know that blockchain is mainly used in business & especially in corporates for secure and transparent databases and tracking purposes. For example tracking the products in the supply chain. I think there's where blockchain is most applicable besides cryptocurrencies.
  5. ChrisPop

    Online job

    If you are a beginner and you don't have many online skills like graphic design, marketing ,etc. and you need money I suggest you get a real job while you learn those skills online. For example there are various free online resources for learning programming. You can actually build a career while working a 9-5. Many people do this.
  6. I don't see any other solutions than Bitcoin for people in highly-inflationary economies like Venezuela or Zimbabwe. If I'd live there I would try to put my wage as fast as possible into crypto. Gold is a solution, but it lacks portability and I'm not sure if there is so much access to it in under-developed countries.
  7. I don't see anything wrong with signature campaign if there are moderators overseeing the forum for low quality posts & posts. As long as people contribute to the discussions, express their opinions or create engagement with crypto content publicity on posts are welcomed IMO.
  8. DOGE has been and will always be just a meme cryptocurrency. It doesn't provide any functionality than the basic transactions and let's be sincere who will use a crypto named DOGE on mainstream with an actual dog as a logo? - bad branding for day-to-day use, but good for gamblers and degenerate traders.
  9. Really great initiative! Hopefully this incentive will encourage people engage in the forum and create a powerful community that overwatches the crypto space and of course help each other! @Admin May I ask how will the payments be made? Will there be a forum integrated wallet or will be disbursed to external wallets?
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