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  1. It might be a good idea to adopt bitcoin in some charities and organizations because it can make the transaction faster but also do have some negative effect like bitcoin's value is unstable so it is not so good for some charities
  2. Yeah they truly pays, in fact I've experienced some faucet sites and legit, they pay. But this is not the best way to earn money because some faucets do give a little amount of money
  3. For me bitcoin is still the one, tried and tested some of my friends do get profit from bitcoin and they are now currently earning and saving more bitcoin for the future
  4. Sadly I didn't some in that one and I'm too busy I didn't notice that one. Those who earned from that should be lucky, maybe next time I will try to get profit from a little pump
  5. alpayno

    I'm lost

    What Statistics are you finding? Members? You can see it down in the forum Content count? you can see it on your profile left side and all the followers too
  6. There ar no feature about deleted post and I think it is the missing feature in this forum because this can help a lot of users so they will know if there posts are deleted
  7. It is the off topic section because it has nothing to do with the forum so maybe they're not paying any of those topic written in there
  8. Sadly, we can't change our usernames here because maybe it was set on their database and can't be replaced or change but let's see in the few more months if will they do something about it
  9. If we see this kind of things we should be attentive enough if he or she is violating any rules and if she/he does then he/she deserves a warning point so he/she could learn from their mistake
  10. After your registration, you need to post 50 content in order to be paid and after that you can post how many times you want but you will be paid in 30 posts only
  11. Yah with a simple click of reaction is a great way to say thank you for others because a like can really increase one's reputation
  12. I think there is a notification here that if you exceed at the 50 post you'll receive some notification I'm not sure tho but if we will have that kind of feature then it would be good
  13. I think they will not get any suspensions or sanctions but it will really cost them a lot because it can ruin their reputation and in the near future too
  14. We will never know if our posts are deleted or not because there are no notifications that you're post is deleted and I think that's the missing feature in this forum
  15. alpayno


    Yes that's the good thing to do, maybe doing or creating a cleaning team here is good to help and make the forum clean so it won't be look like a non-sense forum and be more appealing to others
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